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Teacher-Student relationship | Ajab Bhi Ghazab Bhi | Good news | OMG News | viral news

A 13-year-old boy became a pregnant female teacher, used to do dirty acts in the class too, telling everyone – my brother is there!

Teacher-Student Illicit relationship: Although children go to school to study, in the changing environment, their attention gets diverted away from studies. Going to tell about one such strange case, when a 13-year-old boy fell in love with his female teacher. Both of them had a physical relationship and the 24-year-old teacher became pregnant.

By sending a message to this female teacher on Instagram, the boy had asked for her mobile number. (Photo-Instagram)

It is not common to have a crush on a female teacher. Many big celebrities have also told stories of their childhood. However, this love is never two-sided. But today we are going to tell you about a case in which a boy asked for the number of a female teacher on Instagram. After this, the conversation started between the two. As the series of talks progressed, they started visiting each other’s houses and physical relations were formed. After this, the child introduced the female teacher to his parents and told them that I love her. At the same time, the female teacher said that I am pregnant and going to be the mother of a 13-year-old child.

However, the parents did not mind the fact that the age gap between the two was huge. But for having a relationship with a 13-year-old child, the police arrested the female teacher and she was sentenced to 10 years. Please tell that before this pregnancy, the female teacher had a 4-year-old child from a separate relationship. The matter is of North Houston, America. Alexandria Vera, 24, taught English at Stovall Middle School there. While there, he met 13-year-old students in the year 2015. One day in the year 2016, suddenly the boy bunked the school and asked for Alexandria’s number by messaging on Instagram. Also said that both of us should go for a walk somewhere. The next day after receiving the message, the female teacher reached the boy’s house, during that time the boy’s parents were not at home. In such a situation, physical relations were formed between the two for the first time.

According to the documents submitted in the court, an illicit relationship was established between the two on a daily basis. Then other students of the school also said that the boy used to misbehave with the teacher in a crowded class, but the teacher did not oppose him. It was discussed with the whole school. At the same time, the neighbour of the female teacher said that the boy was always seen at Alexandria’s house. On asking, she would tell that he is her brother. However, after this, the boy introduced his teacher as his girlfriend to his parents. Alexandria said that she had no problem with my age and pregnancy. The boy’s parents were happy.

However, the child welfare investigator forced Alexandria to have an abortion. Even today people discuss this incident on the internet. Let us tell you that despite getting approval for the relationship from the parents of the child, the court sentenced the woman to 10 years of imprisonment. While giving the sentence, the judge of the court Michael McSpadden (State District Judge Michael McSpadden) said that I have seen many such similar cases. We want teachers to give good education to school children and not set such examples.


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