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Transgender Men Pregnant | Men Pregnant | Pregnant | Transgender

More men have become ‘mothers’ in the world… Kerala’s case is India’s first! See pictures of their happy moments

Transgender Men Pregnant: The pregnancy of a trans man from Kozhikode, Kerala is now making headlines everywhere. The pregnant man is going to give birth in March. Yes, this is the first case in India, when a transgender couple will give birth to a child, but such cases have come to the fore in the world before. It is true that a transgender man and transmasculine can get pregnant, but the healthcare system is an issue for their community. Come let’s know what a transgender endures while giving birth to her child…

Sahad and Jiya Paval are a transgender couple from Kozhikode, Kerala. And now they are ready to start a new journey. The couple is now expecting their first child in March. Jia announced this on social media. This is reportedly the first case among the transgender community in India. (Photo:

When Danny Wakefield of Seattle in the US gave birth to his first child in 2020, it brought to light the many problems transgender parents face in the healthcare system. Danny’s treatment took an hour and a half because the doctors did not believe that she was pregnant. He says, ‘This happened because people have very little information about pregnancy in the trans male population.’ (Photo:

Cayden Coleman in the picture is a transman. Cayden, who lives in America, has two daughters. The first daughter was born in 2013 and the second in 2020. To become pregnant, Cayden also used the same techniques that can make any trans man pregnant. These techniques include assisted reproductive technology (ART), intrauterine insemination (IUI), or in vitro fertilization (IVF). Kayden has two daughters. (Photo:

Sonny Witt from Australia is a trans father. Sunny gave birth to a baby girl in 2022. Vit had planned her pregnancy through IVF (in vitro fertilization). (Photo:

In the photo is US Army vet Sean McCloud from Virginia. On Instagram, she has put a picture of 6 months Vs 2 months during her pregnancy. (Photo:


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