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America’s businesswoman will send the nude pic to Vladimir Putin if he will do this work… know who is this model 

Caprice Bourret Russia Ukraine War: The Russian army led by Vladimir Putin attacked Ukraine last year, after which many people in Ukraine lost their lives and had to leave the country. Next February 24 will mark one year since the start of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine. 

After stripping naked to raise awareness of Vladimir Putin’s war in Ukraine, model Caprice Boret now believes nudity could still potentially play a role in ending the war between the two countries…

‘I think if Putin gets out of Ukraine, I’ll send him a letter promising some nude photos,’ the 51-year-old model told Richard Eden after a screening of the new film ‘The Liar’ held at Maddox Tavern in Mayfair. I can If he stops the war, I will do so.

The model further said, she wonders if the Russian President is really alive. I have heard a rumor that Putin is dead. And I am worried about who will take his place? Because they can be worse.

The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on since February 2014. A year ago, in February 2022, the Russian military launched a massive invasion of Ukraine that is still ongoing.

MailOnline revealed that Caprice once ‘accidentally tried drugs’ in her heyday. The model said she is now in a ‘good place’ as alcohol has taken a toll on her life and will try to be with her friends.

Speaking to host Ellie McKay on the On A Mission podcast, Caprice admitted, ‘I accidentally tried drugs once!’ Narrating the story, she said, ‘My boyfriend at that time had put Quaalude in an aspirin bottle, and it can make you feel jittery. I was on my period and had cramps, so I took two pills thinking it was aspirin. I went to the gym again and I was rocking out when suddenly everything went weird. I fell on the floor. The instructor said, what is happening here – I was not conscious of anything.

There was one thing I never indulged in.. did I drink too much? Yes, but thank god I didn’t do drugs because I would have been in a different place than where I am today. At that time everyone was doing drugs.



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