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US, Biden said – Putin made a big mistake by suspending Russia’s nuclear weapons control treaty

Daily developments are changing rapidly before the Russian-Ukraine war erupts। Russia has risen after Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine। Outrage, Putin, by addressing the names of the First Nation, blamed the US and Western countries for the Ukraine war.

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US President Joe Biden and Russian President Putin

New Delhi: Daily developments are changing rapidly before the Russian-Ukraine war erupts। Russia has risen after Joe Biden’s surprise visit to Ukraine। Outrage, Putin, by addressing the names of the First Nation, blamed the US and Western countries for the Ukraine war। He also accused the US of playing a game like Iraq-Syria in Ukraine and then taxed what neither the US had imagined nor the world। In fact, Putin suspended the Nuclear Weapons Control Treaty with the US with immediate effect। By doing this, Putin gave a clear message to the world that now he can also go to the extent of nuclear attack to win the Ukraine war। America has also been shocked by this dangerous intention of Russia। Now US President Joe Biden has said that Putin has made a big mistake by suspending the Nuclear Weapons Control Treaty.

Now Russia and America have come face to face with the Ukraine war। Here Russia has sought the support of Xi Jinping for relations with China, the arch-enemy of America, and peace internationally। Rapidly changing developments have plunged the world into the mouth of the Third World War। It is now difficult to return from where। Let me tell you that Russia alone has four to five times the nuclear weapons in the whole world। Even if Russia started a nuclear attack, it would be difficult to escape the world। By the time other countries are thinking of replying to Russia, Putin has wreaked havoc in half the world.

India can save from destruction

In view of the growing Third World War fears over the Russia-Ukraine war, the world now sees hope from India। Germany has sought India’s support from Prime Minister Narendra Modi to stop the Russia-Ukraine war immediately। He is also coming to India to meet PM Modi later this week। In the meantime, apart from the Ukraine war, China’s growing dictatorship in the Hind-Pacific region will also be a significant issue। Other Duniya countries also believe that India can avoid the threat to the world not only from the Russia-Ukraine war and the dictatorship of China, Rather, but he can also save the world from the feared devastation of the Third World War.

Biden defies Putin

US President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin suspended his country’s participation from the last remaining part of the nuclear weapons control treaty between the US and Russia By making ‘big mistake’Has। The US President arrived in Poland to reassure allies on the eastern side of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization ( NATO )। He assured these allied countries that despite the Russian invasion of Ukraine, America would stand in favor of all those countries। The US has been in a panic following Putin’s announcement to withdraw from the Nuclear Weapons Control Treaty। Biden condemned Russia’s decision, stating that when this treaty took place, it was called a new beginning। The decision to suspend Russian cooperation of nuclear mukhastra and missile inspection follows negotiations canceled by Moscow in late 2022। Biden’s warning comes at a time when he was in talks with leaders of ‘ Bucharest Nine ’ in order to cover his four-day trip to Poland and Ukraine।Were interacting with the leaders।Were interacting with the leaders.

What is Bucharest 9

Nine countries in the easternmost part of the NATO alliance are called the ‘ Bucharest Nine ’। These countries came together in 2014, when Putin separated Crimea from Ukraine and captured it। As the war continues to erupt in Ukraine, concerns of ‘ Bucharest Nine countries have increased। Many worry that after succeeding in Ukraine, Putin can also take military action against those countries। All these countries are also terrified by this। America is trying to encourage those countries। But the nervousness has increased his discomfort। These countries know that if Putin is cynical, he can do anything। These nine countries include Czech Ganarjya, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania and Slovakia। Biden “ When Russia invaded Ukraine a year ago, it was not just an examination for Ukraine, Rather it was a rigorous test for Europe and America as well। At the same time NATO and all democratic countries were also tested.

Biden said that the hunger for autocracy in Putin

The President of the US called Putin without calling him autocratic and said that “the hunger for autocracy cannot be satisfied। It should be opposed। Biden also met Moldova President Maia Sandu in Warsaw on Tuesday। Sandu claimed last week that Russia was plotting to overthrow his country’s government using external forces। Moldova, located between Ukraine and Romania and one of Europe’s poorest countries, has had a historical relationship with Russia, But he wants to join the European Union of 27 countries। Therefore, Russia is upset with that too। Biden supported Moldova’s effort to join the European Union। Biden said that America will continue to do as much help as possible to Kyiv.



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