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Prayagaraj massacre: Atiq Ahmed’s gang had committed Umesh Pal Kidnap, learn the rest of the updates related to this murder case

The case of the murder of Umesh Pal, the main witness of the Raju Pal massacre, who was an MLA from Prayagaraja, Baspa, is getting up loudly। Former MP Atik Ahmed and his family are being asked to join the people in this murder.

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Atik Ahmed and Umesh Pal

Prayagraj: Raju Pal, who was an MLA from Prayagraj of Baspa, is stirred up by the murder of Umesh Pal, the main witness of the massacre। Gunner of Umesh Pal has also died in this attack on Friday evening। In this incident, former MP and Mafia Atik Ahmed and his family are being told to be on hand, after which they are being tightened। The incident has recorded an FIR against Atik’s sons besides Atik Ahmed, his brother former MLA Mohammad Khalid Azim aka Ashraf, wife Shaista Parveen, Ghulam and Guddu Muslim। Apart from this, Atik’s unknown associates have also been accused in this case.

When was the attack?

Umesh Pal was attacked at around 1.5 pm on Friday evening। The attackers came up with full planning। It is believed that the mafia is behind Atik Ahmed behind this massacre। Police also detained both Atik Ahmed’s sons for questioning while speeding up the investigation। Apart from this, police are also questioning half a dozen close to Atik Ahmed.

14 round firing by miscreants

According to the information received, the miscreants have fired 14 rounds. There is an atmosphere of panic in the area due to firing from the .765 bore and .32 bore’s hulls। Police have been involved in the investigation of the case and the close of Atik Ahmed has been tightened। Police say there will be drastic action in this matter.

When did postmortem happen

The postmortem of the deceased Umesh Pal was done on Saturday। This report made a big reveal। The report said that Umesh Pal had received 7 bullets from the raiders firing the raiders। Of which 6 bullets crossed Umesh Pal’s body and one bullet was found inside Umesh Pal’s body।

During the postmortem, the team of doctors has detected a bullet trapped in the body through X-rays। Along with this, a total of 13 injuries have been reported in the body। The report revealed that all the bullets to the deceased Umesh Pal were killed by the pistol। Please tell that the police found a 9mm pistol at the scene on the spot.

Attackers came from car and bike

Police have CCTV reconstructed all the way from Umesh Pal’s court to his house। The attackers were constantly following Umesh Pal’s car। These attackers came with bombs in the bag। A rogue rogue CCTV footage was rinsed and fired from a bomb in a footage after rinsing it.

10 teams and police smelling alerts

Prayagraj police are interrogating suspects detained by taking out pictures of Ashraf’s close shooter and bomb boy। 10 teams led by Prayagaraja’s Joint CP have been engaged in search of the accused who carried out the Umesh Pal massacre.

What does Umesh Pal’s Raju Pal massacre do?

Raju Pal, a Baspa MLA from Allahabad Western Seat, was shot and killed on 25 January 2005 in Sulemsarai। A case was filed against former MP Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, along with many others। Umesh Pal was described as the main witness of this massacre in the CBI investigation.

Atik Ahmed’s gang has already kidnapped Umesh Pal

Umesh Pal was kidnapped by Atik Ahmed’s gang। Umesh Pal has been described as close to MLA Pooja Pal ( Raju Pal’s wife )। Pooja Pal had also feared many times that Umesh Pal, the main witness in the Raju Pal massacre case, could be killed.

Who was Umesh Pal ?

Umesh Pal lived in the Shumanganj area of Prayagraj। After graduation, he advocated and started trading the land। Umesh Pal was in the kinship of MLA Raju Pal and has also been considered close to Pooja Pal, the current MLA and wife of Raju Pal। However, Umesh Pal came into the discussion when he came out as the main witness in the murder of MLA Raju Pal.

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