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Umesh Pal massacre: son of Mafia Atik Ahmed did surrender, Mayawati said…So get the mother out of the party

Asad Ahmed, son of Mafia Atik Ahmed, has surrendered in court in the Umesh Pal massacre। Baspa Supremo Mayawati has said that if his fault is proved, Atik will expel Ahmed’s wife from the party.

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Mayawati said this big thing about Atik Ahmed

Uttar Pradesh: Asad Ahmed, son of accused Mafia Atik Ahmed in Umesh Pal murder case in Prayagra, has surrendered in court। Assad is one of the accused of firing bullets on Umesh Pal। His vide Viral is also being captured in CCTV cameras firing Assad bullets। The police has identified it। A case has also been filed against Parveen in the case of the murder of Umesh Pal and his security personnel, an important witness in the Raju Pal massacre। Atik Ahmed has two of his sons also accused in the case.

If this happens, Atik’s wife will be removed from the buspa

Mayawati tweeted on Monday, saying this, ‘ ‘ Atiq Ahmed’s son and his wife and his wife on charges of killing important witness advocate Umesh Pal and his security personnel in the case of Raju Pal’s murder in Prayagraj years ago Notice of filing of FIR against has also been published। Baspa has taken serious notice of this, deciding that Atiq Ahmed’s wife Shaista Parveen will be expelled from the party if he is proved guilty in the ongoing investigation in this case Will be done. ’

The BSP president, in another tweet accusing the Samajwadi Party ( SP ) of calling Atiq Ahmed, said, ‘ ‘ It is also well known that Atik Ahmed Samajwadi Party has its own ‘ product ’, the party from which he has also been MP and MLA। Now Raju Pal’s wife has also moved from Baspa to SP, the party she used to blame as the main culprit। Therefore, it is not right to do any politics under its guise. ’

Mayawati said in another tweet, ‘ It is also denied that the punishment for any crime is not given by the Baspa to any innocent person in his family and society। But it is also true that the party does not promote the criminal element of any caste and religion. ’ ’ Umesh Pal and his security personnel were important witnesses in the murder of Raju Pal, the then MLA of Baspa in the year 2005, the day-long bomb and shot dead in Prayagaraja on 24 February Was done.

Mafia politician Atik Ahmed Raju Pal is the main accused of the massacre and is currently in a prison in Gujarat। Atik Ahmed, his brother Ashraf, in Pramagaraj’s Shumanganj police station on the complaint of Pal’s wife Jaya, A case has been filed on several serious charges, including murder against wife Shaista, her two sons and comrades Guddu and Ghulam and nine others.

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