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4 years of Vande Bharat, whose brain behind the train with 180 speed, fulfilled the Modi government’s dream

Vande Bharat express- India’s first semi-high-speed train Vande Bharat express has been in constant discussion since its launch. Completely indigenous and providing a world-class traveling experience to passengers, this train can run at a speed of up to 180 kmph. Vande Bharat Express is currently providing services in 108 districts of 17 states.

Vande Bharat Express train is an ambitious project of the Narendra Modi government. The first Vande Bharat train ran from Varanasi to New Delhi on February 15, 2019. At present, a total of 10 Vande Bharat Express trains are running on different routes across the country. Within the first 2 months of the year 2023, the country has got 3 new Vande Bharat Express trains.

But do you know which person has the maximum hand in getting this magnificent train off the ground? Sudhanshu Mani, railway engineer and general manager of Chennai-based Integrated Coach Factory (ICF), has the biggest hand in running the world-class train on the tracks in India. He along with the government dreamed of this train and made this beautiful concept a reality.

The Vande Bharat Express train is manufactured at the Integrated Coach Factory (ICF) in Chennai. ICF manufactures this train, which gives a new dimension to intercity travel in the country, under the name of Train 18.

By the end of 2016, it was considered to make 1 Vande Bharat train at the Integrated Coach Factory. In April 2017, the government allowed ICF to go ahead with the project and manufacture 2 trains.

The government intends to export the Vande Bharat train to other countries. By August 2023, 75 Vande Bharat trains will start running in the country. The government also intends to increase their number to 300 in the country in the coming years.



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