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Millions of rupees flying from account when you like YouTube videos, expose this digital conspiracy in China!

YouTube Video Like Fraud: More than 200 apps that were recently loaned were discontinued by the Government of India। The connection of all those apps was connected to China। Millions of rupees disappeared from a woman’s account, pretending to like a video।

YouTube Video Like New Scam: Scammers are looking for a new alternative to fraud these days। To give a chance for a fake job or to offer 50 rupees if you like YouTube। On clicking links to many people, money defies credit in bank account and defies millions। Now many people have become aware of this scam, they should avoid clicking on any unknown link ,But liking YouTube can also be made a victim of fraud। Very few people still have an idea about this। This type of scam has come new in the market। It consists of a complete process scammers follow with users and then hunt them down। In such a situation, what should be noted as being a common man, let’s know। 

How is it being done

Recently more than 200 loan apps were discontinued by the Government of India। The connection of all those apps was connected to China। The central government keeps banning such scam apps in between, but scams with YouTube likes do not require any app। Actually, the first scammers make a user their target। Initially, he also pays payment for video like through this scheme for a few days। After that, they slowly take account details from them। Then suddenly all the money kept in the account disappears। Once the money disappears, no one can contact them। These days, Rs 50 is being offered for a YouTube like। A woman told that she had a scam। He was initially getting 50 rupees for liking a video। He also earned Rs 5,000,But when the 1 lakh rupees already kept in his account disappeared, he did not know। When he needed money and checked the account, there was no money।

How to use caution?

Do not trust any unborn person in today’s time। If someone offers you to earn any kind of money and you do not know it personally then try to distance yourself from it। Because that person may be looking to join you to scam with you। Especially if someone offers you money to post like, comment or share then stay away from it। Avoid clicking on any non-essential link। If you feel that someone is asking for your personal data, then refuse it। If someone tries to blackmail you, then complain to the crime department।

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