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India overtakes Russia and Argentina in this matter, you also use it

Speedtest jumped 49th in the global index to 69th। The test was conducted in January 2023

The 5th generation data speed in India i.e. 5G is being launched for about 6 months। Now dozens of handsets have been launched in the country with 5G technology। Along with this, the logo of the 5G signal has started coming on people’s phones too। But has data speed actually accelerated in India since the launch of 5G। The special thing is that India has overtaken Russia and Argentina in terms of 5G speed.

115 percent increase in data speed

Mobile data speed ( Speed) has increased by 115 percent since the beginning of 5G in India। According to Okla, India is ahead of some G20 countries like Russia and Argentina in terms of data speed and reached 69th place in the Speedtest global index by a jump of 49 places Gone। The test was conducted in January 2023.

Highest speed in this state

According to Okla’s report, in January 2023, the initial adoption of Jio’s 5G experienced an average download speed of 246.49 Mbps in Himachal Pradesh। In this way data speeds up to 506.25 Mbps were found in Kolkata। Airtel’s early users, on the other hand, experienced an average download speed of 78.13 Mbps in Kolkata and an average download speed of up to 268.89 Mbps in Delhi। According to the report, Vodafone Idea has been losing users since 2022 and this speed has accelerated since the introduction of 5G.

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