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These two seats, where no other party dared to stand in front of BJP

Sherring Hamu was the only candidate to be parchled from the Lumla assembly seat till the last date of nomination and with this he was sure to be elected unopposed.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi went to the Northeast several times for campaigning

New Delhi: In today’s era, when all the opponents of any successful leader in politics are born, it seems almost impossible to win an uncontested election on a large scale। However, this impossible work has been shown by 2 BJP legislators। The 2 candidates of the party have won the election unopposed and waved saffron parcham in their respective assembly seats। One of these 2 candidates won unopposed in the Nagaland assembly elections and the other in the assembly by-elections held in Arunachal Pradesh.

BJP won unopposed in Lumala, Arunachal

A by-election was to be held at the Lumla Assembly seat in Arunachal Pradesh and everyone expected a tough fight on this seat। However, this expectation of the people was broken when no one had taken the screw against the BJP candidate for the by-election on 27 February। BJP gave a ticket to Schering Hamu on this seat। She was the only candidate to be parched from the Lumla assembly seat till the last date of nomination and with this she was sure to be elected unopposed। The Regional Party People’s Party of Arunachal ( PPA) against Hamu had made a village head a candidate, but did not fill the paper.

BJP candidate in Nagaland waved

Nagaland In the assembly elections held in the BJP coalition has overtaken all others। However, such results were estimated on the same day that a BJP candidate won unopposed। BJP candidate Kazeto Kinimi waved the saffron parcham without contesting the Akuluto assembly seat in Junheboto district। Congress gave a ticket to Ann Khakase Sumi against Kazeto Kinimi, but withdrew his name। With this, BJP candidate Kazeto Kinimi won this seat without contesting it.

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