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Bhool Bhulaaiyaa 3 | Kartik Aaryan | kartik aaryan movies | kartik aaryan bhool bhulaiyaa | kartik aaryan new movie

Returning to Diwali ‘Ruh Baba’, Kartik Aaryan announced ‘Bhool Bhulaaiyaa 3’

Karthik Aryan’s upcoming film ‘Bhul Bhulaiah 3’ ( Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3 )’s teaser begins with a mansion in which the voice of Kartik Aaryan, the Ruh Baba, is heard.

Kartik Aaryan announce Bhool Bhulaaiyaa 3

Bollywood handsome hunk Karthik Aryan ( Kartik Aaryan) has shared a lot of good news with fans today। Kartik Aaryan has announced its third part i.e. ‘Bhool Bhulaaiya 3’ after his hit film ‘Bhul Bhulaiah 2। Kartik Aaryan announces the film while sharing a teaser video on social media। Karthik reported in his post that ‘Bhul Bhulaiah 3’ ( Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3) will be released in theaters next year on Diwali’s special occasion। Fans and celebs are reacting to this post by Karthik Aryan। Karthik Aryan has also written a special caption with Teaser.

Karthik Aryan’s post

Karthik Aryan wrote with Tijer, ‘Ruh Baba Returns Diwali 2024’ The audience of the horror-comedy film ‘Bhul Bhulaiah 3’ ( Bhool Bhulaaiyaa 3) was waiting। The teaser video begins with a mansion with which the dialogue of Karthik Aryan, who became Ruh Baba, is heard in the background। Karthik Aryan says, ‘What did you think? Story over? The doors are closed so that one day they can be reopened।’ After this dialogue, the film song ‘Ami J Tomar’ plays and Ruh Baba starts appearing। Ruh Baba further says, ‘I don’t just talk to souls, souls also come into me.

Karthik Aryan’s Lucky was 2022

Please tell that the year 2022 proved to be quite lucky for Karthik Aryan। Last year, Karthik Aryan won the audience’s heart with the biggest superhit film of his career, ‘Bhul Bhulaiah 2। Karthik Aryan’s OTT release film ‘Freddy’ also received positive reviews after this। However, Karthik Aryan’s 2023 debut has proved to be nothing special, as Karthik Aryan’s film ‘Shahjada’ released this year has proved to be a box office flop। Karthik Aryan of this film also did a lot of promotion, which did not affect its earnings.

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