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Bihar: Prashant Kishor said – People of Narendra Modi’s caste are not here, yet why do they vote for him?

Prashant Kishore has given a big statement regarding caste and voting in Bihar. PK said that caste doesn’t get votes in Bihar, here Narendra Modi doesn’t have caste people, then why do people vote for him.

Image Source: FILE PHOTO Prashant Kishore’s big statement

Patna: Election strategist Prashant Kishor is currently visiting Bihar during Jan Suraj Padyatra. During this, he said on Monday that in Bihar they do not vote only on the basis of caste. He said that no one belongs to Narendra Modi’s caste, yet he is getting votes. He said that if caste was the only factor, then the votes that BJP and Narendra Modi are getting in Bihar would not have been received, because the people of Narendra Modi’s caste are not here. But, Modi is getting votes for other reasons, he is getting votes in the name of nationalism, in the name of Hindutva, and in the name of India-Pakistan.

People of Bihar have to go out under compulsion
Discussing with journalists, Prashant Kishor told about the menace of migration and said that after visiting more than 1500 villages till now, it has come to light that 40 to 50 per cent of the youth in the village have left their homes for employment or wages. Kishore said that children first go out for studies, then go out for earning ie employment and after being a little old then go out for treatment and medicine. Overall, it can be said that the people of Bihar have to go out of Bihar under compulsion for education, earning and medicine.

People don’t vote in the name of caste
He said that family not living together is a big social tragedy, which is being seen on a large scale today. On the 163rd day of the padayatra at Puchati Kala Panchayat of Ekma in Saran district, Kishor said that caste is a fact in elections and only votes in elections do not fall on caste. 20 per cent of minority community people live in Bihar and they do not vote in the name of caste.




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