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Why was the dragon afraid of the US? Said- American efforts to control China will never succeed

After all, what is the danger facing China from America that its apprehensions are increasing? China has said that the US attempt to control it will never succeed. Does this mean America is trying to control China, if not then why has China given this statement?… To know all this you have to go to the bottom of the matter.

Image Source: FILE Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Kang

New Delhi: What is the danger China is facing from America that its apprehensions are increasing. China has said that the US attempt to control it will never succeed. Does this mean America is trying to control China, if not then why has China given this statement?… To know all this you have to go to the bottom of the matter. Let us tell you why China and America are strong?

The main battle between China and the US is one of dominance. China wants to raise itself above America and America wants to stop China’s hegemony. That’s why the list of disputes between the two countries is long. At present, the major controversies include the Taiwan-China dispute, China’s hegemony in the South China Sea, China’s growing influence in South-East Asia, China’s espionage habits, sending arms to Russia in the Ukraine war case, and standing against the US in international issues. Being etc. are the main reasons for disputes. Among the latest controversies are Taiwan tensions, the Ukraine war and the espionage case.

China is growing closer to Russia

China has fully lined up with Russia to avenge the US intervention in Taiwan. China’s Foreign Minister Qin Gang on Tuesday hinted at closer ties with Russia. He stressed that US efforts to control China will never succeed. In his first press conference here on the sidelines of the session of China’s parliament, Qin said China will defend its core interests and oppose hegemony, factional politics and unilateral sanctions. Qin said China and Russia are “setting a good example for international relations” and it is wrong to view their close bilateral ties from a “Cold War perspective”.

China will not use the dollar in trade with Russia
China and Russia’s alliance can also be understood that both countries have agreed not to use the US currency dollar in trade. The Chinese Foreign Minister said that China’s relations with Russia were defined as “no alliance, no confrontation and not targeted against any third party”. Asked about the US dollar and euro not being used in Sino-Russian trade, Qin said China would use a currency that was “safe and reliable”. “Currency should not be used as a trump card for unilateral sanctions,” he said. Regarding the Ukraine war, Qin said that the Ukraine crisis is the result of flaws in the European security governance system.

In the case of China and the United States, there are several reasons why tensions and concerns may exist between the two nations:

  1. Historical tensions: The United States and China have had a long and complicated history, including the Boxer Rebellion, the Opium Wars, and the Korean War, among others. These events have created a degree of mistrust and animosity that can still be felt today.
  2. Economic competition: The United States and China are the world’s two largest economies, and both countries are vying for dominance in certain industries and markets. This can create economic tensions and disputes, such as those related to trade policy and intellectual property theft.
  3. Military posturing: Both China and the United States have strong military capabilities, and there have been incidents in the past where the two countries have engaged in military posturing or confrontations. This can create a sense of unease and mistrust between the two nations.
  4. Political differences: China is a one-party state with a communist government, while the United States is a democracy with a capitalist economy. These fundamental political differences can create tensions and disagreements on issues such as human rights, censorship, and foreign policy.
  5. Military alliances: The United States has a network of military alliances and partnerships around the world, including with many countries in the Asia-Pacific region. From China’s perspective, these alliances could be seen as an attempt to contain or encircle China.
  6. Strategic competition: China and the United States are engaged in strategic competition, particularly in the areas of technology and innovation. China’s growing economic and military power has led some in the United States to view China as a potential rival, while China may view the United States as trying to prevent its rise as a global superpower.
  7. Territorial disputes: China has territorial disputes with several countries in the region, including Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and several Southeast Asian nations. The United States has been involved in some of these disputes, either through military alliances or by taking a stance in support of one side or the other.
  8. Human rights concerns: The Chinese government’s record on human rights, particularly regarding Tibet and Xinjiang, has been criticized by the United States and other Western countries. This has led to tensions between the two nations and could be seen as a source of concern for China.

It’s worth noting that the relationship between China and the United States is complex and multifaceted, with both countries engaging in cooperation as well as competition and rivalry. While there are certain factors that could create tension and concern between the two nations, it’s important to avoid oversimplifying the relationship or reducing it to a single factor.


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