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AI arrested Trump, US President Joe Biden’s photo, viral on the Internet

Some photos on social media are becoming increasingly viral। Which shows former US President Donald Trump being arrested

Image Source: SOCIAL MEDIA

Artificial intelligence is now making its mark in Fake News as well। Recently some pictures on social media are becoming increasingly viral। Which shows former US President Donald Trump being arrested। Recently there were reports of Donald Trump preparing to arrest the pornstar-hush money case। After which AI is shown arresting him in New York and Washington DC after Trump was indicted on the case। Pictures of Trump’s arrest made by AI have created a rift on social media। Pictures prepared by Midjourney show Trump as well as his supporters being arrested। In one photo, President Joe Biden is seen taking Trump away as a policeman.

Donald Trump will look like this in jail

Another photo shows policemen chasing Trump on the street, the second photo shows him slamming on the ground। His son Don Jr. also appears angry। Two AI photos of the final show Trump in prison। One photo shows Trump running around, and dining in a canteen wearing an orange jumpsuit। The last photo shows Trump sweeping the prison floor.

Come to photos, such comments of users

Many users have also commented on this, looking at Donald Trump’s viral photos। “A user named “Eluna AI” wrote commenting- “We have entered a new era। AI Creation has entered its almost complete photorealism phase। Pictures of Donald Trump’s arrest have gone viral – and a large section of the population has accepted him as true, causing much uproar on the Internet today। What do you think about these pictures? Now it will be difficult for people to make a difference in real and fake।” At the same time, the other user wrote commenting – all the photos released by AI are fake। This calls into question the working of AI। People will see their personal advantage of using these wrong photos। Misinformation will be repeated in the society and the victim will have to be unnecessarily disturbed till the investigation is completed। Other users also pointed to the dangers of misuse of a picture, especially when it is not possible to tell the real from the fake.

Case involving money transaction between porn star and trump

This photo made by AI is revealed when the sword of arrest is hanging on Trump and his supporters stand by him to protest on the matter। Trump is currently facing prosecution for paying his money to porn star Stormy Daniels। The case was revealed by porn star Stormy Daniels in one of her videos। In response, Trump wrote on his social media platform Truth calling it ‘stormy’ ‘horse face’ ‘Daniels extortion conspiracy’ – ‘me “terrible radical left democrats” Being targeted by one investigation after another। “They are not following me – they are coming after you। I just stand in their way। And I will always stand in their way. ” AI take-over 2024 has expressed concern over fake news before the US presidential elections over this entire matter। The AI-created “conversation” between Trump and Biden earlier this month, which was filled with insults and abuses, went viral.

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