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Thug Kiran Patel’s wife was arrested on charges of cheating, she has also done big scandals!

In the latest FIR, it has been alleged that Kiran wanted to grab the house of the owner of this bungalow located in a posh area of ​​Ahmedabad by winning his trust.

Image Source: TWITTER.COM/BANSIJPATEL Kiran Patel and Malini Patel.

Ahmedabad: In Jammu and Kashmir, the wife of alleged thug Kiran Patel, who was accused of taking government facilities by pretending to be a senior officer of the Prime Minister’s Office, has also been arrested on Tuesday. Officials said that he was accused of trying to grab the bungalow of a senior citizen. Let us tell you that a few days after Kiran Patel’s arrest, an FIR was lodged against the couple on March 22, after which Malini Patel was absconding.

Malini and Kiran already have many cases
According to the press release of the Ahmedabad city crime branch, Malini was arrested from her relative’s house in Jambusar town of Bharuch district and brought to Ahmedabad. Malini was arrested in 2017 in a case of cheating and criminal conspiracy registered at Naroda police station in the city. Kiran Patel also has at least 4 such cases registered against him in Gujarat and was also arrested in the past. In the latest FIR, it has been alleged that Kiran wanted to grab the house of the owner of this bungalow located in a posh area of ​​Ahmedabad by winning his trust.

To capture the bungalow,
Kiran had told the landlord that he was a ‘first-grade officer in the PMO’ and close to politicians. The complainant, 63-year-old Jagdish Chavda, the owner of this bungalow located in the Shilaj area of ​​Ahmedabad, wanted to sell it for personal reasons. Kiran met Chavda in February 2022 and described himself as a ‘real estate agent’. He told Chavda that after getting the house repaired, it would sell for a good price. To win Chavda’s trust, Kiron introduced himself as a ‘Class I officer of the PMO’ and a partner in a cafe chain.

Kiran entered Chavda’s bungalow
According to the FIR, when Chavda agreed to renovate the bungalow, Kiran, Malini and an interior designer started work and took Rs 35 lakh from him in instalments. During the renovation of the house, Chavda started living at his friend’s house in the Shela area. After some time, Chavda came to know that Kiran and his wife had put up a ‘nameplate’ in front of the bungalow in their own name and had also performed Griha Pravesh like landlords. According to the police, on being questioned about this, the Patel couple did not complete the repair work and left the bungalow.

Kiran Patel sent the notice to Chavda only
After Kiran Patel and his wife left the bungalow, Chavda and his family members again started living in their house. According to the FIR, Chavda came to know through a court notice in August 2022 that Kiran had claimed ownership of the house in a civil court with the help of photographs of the nameplate in front of the house and the invitation letter for Griha Pravesh Puja. After receiving the notice, Chavda filed a case against Kiran and his wife.




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