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The wait for Twitter’s new CEO will end, a person close to Elon Musk may get the command

Elon Musk’s tunnel construction venture is headed by Steve Davis. The platformer told that while working on cost reduction, he has helped a lot in this new era of Twitter.

Steve Davis is being seen as a possible CEO of Twitter. (Shakti knowledge)

1. Steve Davis is being seen as a possible CEO of Twitter.
2. Davis was an entrepreneur himself who opened a bar in Washington DC.
3. Steve Davis emulates Elon Musk’s strict working style

New Delhi. The world’s richest person and Twitter chief Elon Musk made an announcement in February. In this announcement, he told that Twitter may get a new CEO by the end of 2023. Musk explained that this would happen shortly after social media users voted him through an online poll to leave the post.

Ever since Musk’s announcement, speculations are being made as to who will replace him. People are speculating whether Jack Dorsey may return to the board after Musk is fired or Parag Agarwal may be asked to return as CEO? But amid all this, another person inside Twitter, The Boring Company CEO Steve Davis, is being seen as a possible successor.

Davis has been involved in Twitter’s overhaul,
tell that Davis leads Musk’s tunnel construction venture. He has been actively involved in the overhaul of Twitter. The Platformer explained that working with cost-cutting has helped them navigate Twitter’s new phase, where many top-level employees have been laid off.

Davis may be the new CEO of Twitter,
while Davis exceeded expectations by cutting Twitter’s costs by about $ 1 billion and following Musk’s strict working style. He worked with his partner and infant son sleeping in the office. According to the platformer, meanwhile, speculations are rife that he will be rewarded with the CEO post.

Insiders told that Davis himself was an entrepreneur who opened a bar in Washington DC after completing his PhD. The bar was one of the first businesses in the US capital to accept bitcoin. Musk probably chose Davis to lead The Boring Company because of Davis’ interesting work history.


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