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Whether or not you are familiar with the original names of many famous brands like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon!

The name identifies us and everyone। With this, in today’s time, everything is named in the name। In such a situation, names become very important for us। Talk about the stories of the names of the brands, so many things are related to them, today we are going to give you information about the real names of Facebook, Twitter and Amazon.

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Facebook, Twitter and Amazon original name: We all say what is named after all, but in today’s time everything is kept in the name, because by name someone, a firm, A company is better identified। On the other hand, if the famous companies of today have everything in their name and these changes are made at the right time। In today’s era, names work for better branding somewhere, In such a situation, when the big companies feel that they should change it according to time, then they should pay tax। Today we are going to introduce you to the real names of Twitter, Facebook and Amazon, let’s know about it.

Twitter original name

Let us know that Twitter came first as a podcast where it was named Audio (Odeo) and not Twitter। On the other hand, its name was later changed due to changes in the company, where it was later renamed Twitter। At the same time when it was initially brought as an app, it was named Twitch। Shortly thereafter it was renamed Twitter, which means Twitter.

Facebook original name

Facebook began in 2003 at Harvard University under the name Facemash, where it was renamed thefacebook for violating some of Harvard University’s rules। The was then removed from the name of this company in 2005 and FaceMash was registered as facebook। On the other hand, its name has been changed again recently, where its name has been meta for the future.

Amazon original name

Please tell me that Amazon owner Jeff Bezos wanted to name it first relentlessly but later during the dictionary search, he was eyeing Amazon, After which he named it Amazon.com। On the other hand, if you search relentless.com on the browser at this time, then you will reach the official site of Amazon directly। Along with this, Amazon was named after the largest river in the world, Because Amazon was going to start the world’s largest bookstore ( online ) at that time.

This is the original name of Instagram

Instagram was not previously owned by Facebook, at that time it was named Barban। At the same time, Instagram was named by its founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger, where the app initially had features location sharing, check in, photo sharing। Simultaneously this app was quite complex in the beginning, with considerable changes being made later.

Do you know Zomato’s name

Zomato was launched under the name Fudibe in 2010, later renamed Zomato in view of its success। At the same time, this company is very popular in terms of providing food online

Pinterest original name

Pinterest’s original name was “Tote.” It was founded in March 2010 by Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra and was launched as Tote in the same year. However, after a few months, the name was changed to Pinterest, which the founders felt was a better fit for the platform’s focus on creating virtual pinboards.

WhatsApp original name

WhatsApp’s original name was “WhatsApp Messenger”. The app was founded in 2009 by Brian Acton and Jan Koum, both former employees of Yahoo!. When the app was initially launched in the App Store, it was called “WhatsApp Messenger” and was available only for the iPhone. The founders later dropped the “Messenger” part and continued with the name “WhatsApp”. The name “WhatsApp” was chosen as a play on the phrase “What’s up?”, which is a common greeting in English.

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