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No tonic for weak children, use these 3 homegrown measures.

Nowadays parents are worried about the growth and height of their children। In such a situation, they also give tonic to children while these foods can work in a native way

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best tonic for child growth

Growth and height of children have become a cause of concern for every parent nowadays। Yes, children’s growth has now slowed down due to poor diet, lifestyle and diseases। The situation has become such that parents have to make tonic purchases (Best tonic for child growth) separately for children। Whereas, drinking tonic is also not a right treatment। Because, when your children can eat direct things, giving them in liquid form is also not right for the body with diazation। In such a situation, you should give these indigenous things to your children.

These are homegrown foods for vulnerable children.

1. Feed banana milk

Banana and milk are weight gain food for children। Actually, banana is rich in fiber, so milk has a good amount of calcium। When your children mash these two together, it first increases energy in the body and its protein increases their growth with keeping the bones healthy.

2. Feed dry fruits pudding

When people buy a tonic from the market, the goal behind it is to have all the micronutrients that children cannot get। Whereas, dry fruits like almonds, raisins, pistachios, walnuts and figs can be a source of multivitamins for you। So, make pudding from these dry fruits and feed your children.

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3. Feed the laddus of desi ghee and flaxseed

Desi Ghee and linseed laddus can help keep your children healthy। Actually, this is a method that is also helpful in raising the height along with strengthening the bones। It is also helpful in reducing the problems associated with weak bones with strengthening the roots of children। So, not a tonic for children, but these indigenous measures to increase weight.

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