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Holi Skin And Hair Care Tips: Do not panic at all about the colours of Holi, get rid of every stubborn colour with the help of these tips

Holi Color Remove Tips: Follow these home remedies to remove the colour from your hair and skin on Holi. With this, both your hair and skin will be safe and the colours of Holi will also be removed easily.

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Holi Beauty Tips: Who does not like colour more than that everyone cares about their hair and skin. There is no harm to hair and skin, so most people avoid Holi colours. Their fear is also justified because if the colours of Holi are fixed then it becomes very difficult to remove them. In such a situation, the condition of both skin and hair becomes very bad. But this year, play Holi fiercely without thinking about anything because we have brought some easy tips for you, by adopting which you can remove the colour of stubborn Holi. Let us tell you that this year Holi will be celebrated on 8th March.

Remove the colour on the skin like this
1. After playing Holi, first wash the face repeatedly with clean water and then apply cleansing cream or lotion. After some time cleaning it with the help of wet cotton wool. Do not forget to clean the area around the eyes lightly. The cleansing gel is very helpful in removing the colours accumulated on the face.

2. You can remove the Holi colour with the help of a homemade cleanser. To make this, mix olive, sesame or any vegetable oil in half a cup of cold milk. Now wherever there is a colour on the skin, apply this mixture with the help of cotton and clean it. The colour can be easily removed from the skin by massaging it with sesame oil.

3. Holi colours can also be removed with the help of a gram flour face pack. For this, mix two spoons of gram flour, one spoon of turmeric powder and one spoon of cream in a bowl and mix it well. Now apply this paste on your skin and after drying wash your face with clean water.

How to save hair from Holi colours
1. Apply hair serum or conditioner on hair before playing Holi. This will protect the hair from dryness caused by the colours of gulal.

2. Take a little hair cream and spread it on both palms and massage the hair lightly. Or you can apply coconut oil to your hair to protect them from the loss of Holi colours.

3. Wash hair thoroughly with shampoo after playing Holi. After this, apply conditioner to the hair, then after cleaning the hair with water, apply hair serum. This remedy will remove dryness from your hair.


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