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Shubhaman Gill did the opportunity, then the return of Hoagie KL Rahul!

IND vs AUS: Shubhaman Gill gave a second place to cash in on the Muko found in the Indore Test and could not manage to play the big innings.

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Shubham Gill vs KL Rahul

Shubman Gill vs KL Rahul IND vs AUS Indore Test : The second day of the Test being played in Indore between India and Australia is going on and the competition has reached a very interesting period। Team India performed very poorly in the first innings, after which the Australian batsmen batted well, they were Bhala Ho Rabindra Jadeja, Ravichandran Ashwin and Umesh Yadav, Those who did not allow Australia to score much runs, otherwise Team India was on the backfoot। The Indian bowlers took six wickets from Australia within just 11 runs in the second hour on the second day, so Australia’s lead was not much। However, the Australian team managed to take the lead of 88 runs। When the batsman is longing for a run,Then 88 runs is quite high। After this, when Team India got down to bat for the second time, the start again was poor। Both of the team’s openers were out and returned to the pavilion। Shubhaman Gill got a chance after two matches, but Gill did the job of killing it.

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Shubman Gill

Shubhaman Gill’s KL Rahul is replaced in the third match

Shubhaman Gill did not get a chance in the first two Tests against Australia। KL Rahul played in matches played in Nagpur and Delhi, but did not get out of his bat much। After this a lot of things happened on social media। It is being said that KL Rahul is out of form, while Shubhaman is making a Gill run, he is not going to get a chance। This is followed by Shubhaman Gill’s entry in the third match being played in Indore and KL Rahul has to sit out of the playing XI। Now know about two innings of Shubhaman। Shubhaman Gill scored 21 runs on 18 balls in the first innings of the match,Which included three fours। After this, he had five runs off his bat in the second innings and for this he played 15 balls। That is, 26 runs in the match। It is true that when India and Australia could not score a batsman run of any team, it is meaningless to expect a good innings from Shubhaman Gill। But it is also to be remembered that on this pitch, Osman Khwaja of Australia scored 60 and Marnus Labushen scored 31 runs। It is also worth noting that Shubhaman Gill would have been applauded if he had scored big in a single innings of this match, but he did not succeed in doing so.

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Who will get Shubham Gill and KL Rahul in the fourth test 

Now the figures of Jara KL Rahul should also be looked at, because the competition is between Shubhaman Gill and KL Rahul। KL Rahul scored 20 runs on 71 balls in the first innings of the first match played at Nagpur and did not bat in the second innings thereafter। He had 17 runs off his bat in the first innings of the second match and in the second innings, he returned to the pavilion with one run। That is, overall, there is not much difference between the figures of Shubhaman Gill and KL Rahul। But the question is, which of these two will be replaced in the playing XI in the fourth test। The third match will be played in Ahmedabad, which will be quite important। Meanwhile, Captain Rohit Sharma, Coach Rahul Dravid and the rest of the team management will definitely consider who gets a chance before the fourth Test। However, it should be considered that the way KL Rahul got two matches,In the same way, Shubhaman Gill should also be given two matches। Will have to see what is decided at the end, but at the moment the look is on which side the third match of the series now leads.

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