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PM Modi’s large announcement will be set between India and Italy “Start Up Bridge”; Will be from sky to sea

India and Italy have announced the introduction of a “start up bridge” when they complete 75 years of their bilateral relations। After this, the two countries will support each other from space to sea.

Image Source: AP
Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni and PM Modi

New Delhi: India and Italy have announced the introduction of a “start up bridge” when they complete 75 years of their bilateral relations। After this, the two countries will support each other from space to sea। Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that India and Italy will now create a new history in the field from defense to energy। PM said that we have laid special emphasis on increasing cooperation in areas like renewable energy, green hydrogen, information and technology, semiconductor, telecommunications, space। He also welcomed Italy’s active participation in the Hind-Pacific region। The Prime Minister said that it is a matter of great pleasure that Italy has decided to join the Indian-Pacific Ocean initiative। With this we will be able to identify concrete topics to enhance our cooperation in the Hind-Pacific region।

Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced on Thursday after extensive talks with Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni that India and Italy decided to take their bilateral relations to a strategic partnership Have done। Georgia Meloni, who arrived in India on her first two-day state visit after being elected Prime Minister last year, has also announced that Italy is joining the Indian-Pacific Ocean initiative, Because both countries are celebrating the 75th anniversary of bilateral relations। Addressing the media after extensive talks with the Italian Prime Minister, Modi said that new opportunities are opening up in India in the field of co-production and co-development, Which can be beneficial for both countries। Modi also invited Italian defense companies to actively participate in the ‘ ‘ Mec in India ’ ’ initiative.

Joint defense practice will be done by both countries to counter terrorism and separatism

PM Modi said that India and Italy have also decided to conduct joint exercises and training programs between the armed forces of the two countries on a regular basis। The two sides also agreed to work to combat irregular immigration and human trafficking। Modi said that India and Italy are working shoulder to shoulder on issues like terrorism and separatism। Modi said, ‘ ‘ We had a wider discussion on further strengthening this cooperation। Earlier, Meloni was formally welcomed into Rashtrapati Bhavan as she arrived here on a state visit। Foreign Secretary Vinay Mohan Quatra said that the two leaders agreed to increase cooperation in the field of space । Both leaders have remote sensing, satellite communication, lunar exploration,The broad potential of potential joint research projects in areas such as gravitational wave detection and practical applications of space technology between ISRO and ASI Italy was reviewed.

From sky to sea both countries will be together

New Delhi’s move to send two Italian marines to jail for alleged killing of unarmed fishermen near the South Indian coast in the year 2012 and purchase of Augusta Westland helicopter for VVIP Relations between Italy and India were soured after the controversial deal। Foreign Secretary Quatra said that the two leaders had space, Emphasized the need to deepen cooperation in cyber and sea and agreed work on identifying specific areas to strengthen relations। India and Italy also signed a Letter of Intent on Migration and Mobility, announced the establishment of a start-up bridge and Rabindra Bharati University, Signed a memorandum of understanding between Kolkata and the Italian Consulate General.

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