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India has sent an invitation, and Putin has also accepted, Russian President may come to India in September

India has sent an invitation to Russian President Putin which has been accepted by Russia. Putin is likely to attend the G20 summit in India in September this year.

Image Source: FILE PHOTO Russian President Putin will come to India

Delhi: On one hand Russia’s war with Ukraine is going on and on the other hand there is a possibility of the Russian President coming to India for the G20 summit to be held in India in September. According to information received from sources, Russian President Vladimir Putin in India is likely to attend the G20 summit in Delhi in September. According to reports, the Kremlin is working to approve Putin’s schedule to make it possible for the Russian president to attend the summit in September after skipping the previous two summits. Reports say that even though the Kremlin is currently considering it, no decision has been taken in this regard.

Russia has accepted India’s invitation
It has been said from the Russian side that at present no official confirmation has been issued in this regard, although India has formally invited Putin and the Kremlin has accepted it. The report also said the Kremlin is preparing for an annual economic forum in Vladivostok, which had been set for September 9-10, the eve of the summit.

Quoting sources, the report said the forum was moved a week later to give more flexibility to Putin and leave open the possibility that senior officials from India and China could attend. While India has invited Putin to the G20 summit, the Kremlin has officially accepted the invitation. Let us tell you that due to pressure from the US and its allies over the ongoing war with Ukraine last year, Putin withdrew his invitation to attend the conference to be held in Indonesia and sent Sergei Lavrov in his place.

Reports say the Kremlin has felt less isolated in the group since November. Earlier in March, at the G20 foreign ministers’ summit in Delhi, Russia and China rejected the conflict language agreed upon at the leaders’ summit in Indonesia less than six months earlier.



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