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The dominance of Indians is increasing in America, and an Indian again got the responsibility of super boss in this big company

Big News: In today’s time, the sting of India is ringing all over the world. From the economy to many big companies of the country and the world, India and the people of India are leading them. Today another piece of news has come for Indians.

Indian-American: The influence of Indians in America is increasing day by day. Microsoft, Google and YouTube already have CEOs of Indian origin. Now an Indian has got the responsibility of super boss in another big company. Indian-American CEO of Dallas-based company ‘Next’ Arun Agarwal has been made the chairman of the Community Bond Task Force (CBTF) as part of the 2024 capital bond program development process. Agarwal will lead the CBTF, a 15-member group to help the Dallas City Council and city staff select and review projects with a focus on the 2024 capital bond program. Let me tell you, recently Neil Mohan of Indian origin got the responsibility of CEO of YouTube, after which he came into the limelight.

Aggarwal expressed happiness
The purpose of bond programs is to pay for the city’s capital needs. This requires the approval of the voters. This means that this fund cannot pay for salaries, benefits and other program-related costs. “I am particularly excited to help make major investments in parks, streets and recreation facilities,” Agarwal said. Please tell me that the CEO of America’s largest technology company Google is also an Indian. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google LLC and Alphabet, was born in Madurai, Kerala. He started his career in the year 2004 after completing his graduation from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Kharagpur). He became the CEO of Google in the year 2015.

Agarwal has a connection with Ghaziabad
Arun Agarwal, an American of Indian origin, has been associated with Ghaziabad. He has done MBA from IMT, Ghaziabad. He then went out for further studies, where he earned a PG in Computer Information Systems from Southern New Hampshire University and a Certificate in International Business from Harvard University.

Indian Americans have made significant contributions to various fields, including science, technology, medicine, academia, arts, and politics. Here are some examples:

  1. Science and Technology: Indian Americans have made significant contributions to the fields of science and technology, particularly in the areas of computer science, engineering, and medicine. Many Indian Americans have founded successful tech companies, including Google, Microsoft, and Adobe. Additionally, many Indian American scientists and researchers have received prestigious awards and honours, including Nobel Prizes.
  2. Medicine: Indian Americans are well-represented in the medical field, with many holding positions as doctors, researchers, and professors. Some notable Indian American medical professionals include Dr Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon and medical correspondent for CNN, and Dr Siddhartha Mukherjee, an oncologist and Pulitzer Prize-winning author.
  3. Academia: Indian Americans are also well-represented in academia, with many holding faculty positions at universities and colleges across the country. Some notable Indian American academics include economist and Nobel laureate Amartya Sen and philosopher Martha Nussbaum.
  4. Arts and Culture: Indian Americans have also made significant contributions to American arts and culture, particularly in the areas of music, film, and literature. Indian American musicians, such as composer Ravi Shankar and singer Asha Bhosle, have gained international recognition, and Indian American authors, such as Jhumpa Lahiri and Arundhati Roy, have won prestigious literary awards.
  5. Politics: Indian Americans are also increasingly getting involved in American politics, with many running for and winning elected office at various levels. Some notable Indian American politicians include Kamala Harris, who was elected as the first Indian American and Black Vice President of the United States, and Bobby Jindal, who served as the governor of Louisiana.
  6. Entrepreneurship: Indian Americans have a high rate of entrepreneurship and have founded numerous successful businesses in various industries. According to a report by the Kauffman Foundation, Indian Americans are the second-largest immigrant group to start their own businesses in the US.
  7. Philanthropy: Indian Americans are also known for their philanthropy and charitable giving. Many Indian American individuals and organizations have donated significant amounts of money to support various causes and organizations, both in the US and in India.
  8. Sports: Indian Americans have also made notable achievements in sports. Some examples include professional basketball player Satnam Singh Bhamara, who became the first Indian-born player to be drafted into the NBA, and professional tennis player Leander Paes, who has won numerous Grand Slam doubles titles.
  9. Food and Cuisine: Indian cuisine has gained popularity and has become an important part of the American culinary landscape. Indian American chefs and restaurateurs, such as Vikas Khanna and Padma Lakshmi, have gained international recognition for their contributions to the culinary world.
  10. Social Activism: Indian Americans have also been active in social and political activism, advocating for various causes and issues, including civil rights, immigrant rights, and environmental justice.

Indian Americans have made significant contributions to American society and culture. The achievements and contributions of Indian Americans are diverse and reflect the community’s ongoing efforts to contribute to American society and foster cross-cultural understanding.



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