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IPL 2023: New rule will come in IPL! Now get a bowler, be careful, bat bat team bat

IPL 2023: will be held from 31 March। Meanwhile a new rule is going to come up in this year’s IPL, which has become the subject of discussion.

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IPL 2023

IPL 2023 New Rules : There are only a few days left for IPL 2023 to begin। Teams have started preparing for this। The 16th season of IPL will be held from March 31। On the first day there will be a fight between CSK captained by MS Dhoni and Gujarat Jents, captain of Hardik Pandya। Chennai Superkings has won the IPL title four times so far and is considered one of the most successful teams। At the same time, Gujarat Jents captured the trophy for the first time and is known to have beaten the opposing team। Meanwhile BCCI has made a lot of changes in IPL this time। It is now revealed that another new rule is coming in IPL 2023। This will increase the problems of the bowlers, while these rules will be a benefit deal for the batting team.

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MS Dhoni CSK

DRS can also be taken on No Ball and Wide Ball in IPL 2023

WPL has been in operation before IPL 2023 and includes a new rule। If the batting team wants, then DRS can be demanded on wide ball and no ball। By the way, this rule is for both teams। That is, if the batsman is not happy with the decision of the field umpire, then he can demand DRS, while the bowler can take a review on the umpire’s decision if he wants। But it should still be considered that this can benefit the batting team। This rule was also used in the third match of WPL and the match’s stance changed completely after the umpire’s decision। A report by Cricinfo states that a player can go to a third ie TV umpire for any decision onfield i.e. field umpire.

This rule has been used in WPL

Till now, the decision umpires for wide and no ball was the last, many times bowlers and batsmen were not happy with it, But even after this, they had to accept it, but now it will not happen। It was also found to be seen in the match played on Sunday in WPL। Actually this rule was used in the last over of the first innings on Sunday। There was Jemima Rodrigues at the crease and Megan bowled। Jemima hit the ball on the backward square leg, but the umpire did not give it a no ball। While Jemima felt that this ball was above the waist, after which he demanded DRS। After this, it was known for the first time that DRS can also be taken on No Ball and Wide Ball। In IPL, every team is given two reviews in one innings, if the review is taken right then it remains,But if the review goes wrong and the umpire’s decision is correct then it ends। The same silicyl will appear to be continuing in IPL this year as well.

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