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IPL 2023: Great change in IPL! Now you will be able to do this work, know how to change the match

IPL 2023: The first match of IPL 2023 will be played on 31 March। Before this there is going to be a major change in the rule of IPL.

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MS Dhoni and Rohit Sharma

IPL 2023 Rules Change : There are only nine days of speech left at the start of IPL 2023। Preparations are now almost in the last stages। Teams have camped। Players have started arriving in it। Many changes are going to be seen in this time’s IPL। But now for the first time, a rule is coming into the IPL, which you might not even think about। If this new rule of IPL comes into force, it will be good for the couple। Although nothing has been said on behalf of BCCI regarding this rule so far, it is believed that BCCI can announce it soon। If this happens, when the kappan comes to the field for a toss, he will have not one but two papers in his hand.

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Hardik Pandya and Sanju Samson

Announcement of the carrying XI will be able to be confirmed after toss in IPL

It is learned that during IPL 2023, when the kapatans come on the field for a toss, they can announce their carrying XI even after the toss। That is, when the kappan comes for the toss, they may have two sheets in their hand, If the first bat is brought, one sheet will work and if the bat is later, the second sheet will work। Meanwhile, a report from Cricinfo has surfaced, claiming that an internal note has been issued on behalf of IPL, In which teams will get a chance to choose even after their carrying XI toss। Whether the team is batting first or bowling। After the toss winning and losing, Kapan can tell which of his 11 players he wants to land in today’s match। The note states that so far, the clots have to be given the list of their layers before the toss। Now after the toss, the list of the carrying XI will have to be handed over to each other। This has been done,So that your best team can field according to the closing condition। Not only this, this rule will also help the clots in choosing the equivalent layer.

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Deepak Chahar CSK

Rule has come into force in SA20, dew will no longer have effect

These rules were applied in the recent South African League SA20 before the IPL। In which teams were given permission to announce their carrying XI after toss। The teams placed 13 names on the team sheet before announcing their carrying XI after the toss। That is, 11 players were playing and two players were placed as imptus layers। This will not happen if the kappan decides to bat or bowl according to the condition by winning the toss and the kapchan who loses the toss does not have an option। This time IPL is happening in India itself and matches will be held across the country। The impact of dew becomes much more in the second innings in the evening match, which makes it difficult for the bowling team, which is also likely to be relieved। BCCI thinks that the toss wins and the match wins do not run the formula and the team that loses the toss,He also has the same chances of winning the match.

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