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This player has the most earnings in IPL history, behind MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli

IPL 2023: The 16th season of IPL is now about to begin। But do you know which player has earned the most in IPL so far.

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Virat Kohli and RCB

IPL 2023 Highest Earning Players in IPL : The thrill of IPL 2023 is about to resume। Preparations for all teams are now reaching the final stages। On March 31, Narendra Modi Stedium of Ahmedabad will have the 16th season of IPL। Meanwhile, the two-year players from all over the world will once again appear in the exit। The first match will be played between CSK and Gujarat Titans। Meanwhile, when the auction took place, the teams openly invested money on the players of their choice and to a large extent included them in their team। 15 seasons of IPL have been played so far and will now be the 16th season। But IPL is also called Indian Money League। That is, if the teams like the player, then they try to do it with them at all costs। But do you know that in the IPL which has played 15 seasons so far, which player has earned the most and how much that player has earned। So let’s tell you about this today.

Rohit Sharma has earned the most in IPL history, followed by MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli’s number

The most money-making players in IPL history are neither MS Dhoni nor Virat Kohli। They are Kappan Rohit Sharma of Mumbai Indians। Rohit Sharma has earned Rs 178.6 crore from IPL so far as per a Moneyball report। Rohit Sharma first played on behalf of Dekkan Changes, when the team won the IPL title in the second season, they were in the team। They then come to the Mumbai Indians and shortly afterwards become Mi’s captain। Rohit Sharma has made Mumbai Indians five-time champions so far in the history of IPL, which is the most। After this, the second-placed and team that has captured the most IPL trophies is MS Dhoni’s team Chen NewSuperkings ie CSK। According to the report, in terms of earnings in IPL, MS Dhoni comes second after Rohit Sharma। They are still from IPL 176.Has earned Rs 84 crore। MS Dhoni has been playing for consecutive chains new superkings from the first IPL, CSK was sieved for two years in between, He then joined the team of Rising Pune Supergiant, but two years when the team returned, he again became the captain of this team.

Virat Kohli at number three in terms of earnings in IPL, followed by Suresh Raina and Rabindra Jadeja

Former Kapan Virat Kohli of Team India and RCB may not have won a single title in IPL yet, But they are third after Rohit Sharma and MS Dhoni in terms of earnings। Talking about earning Virat Kohli, according to the report, they have increased to Rs 173.2 crore। Virat Kohli has been playing IPL since the first IPS till now on behalf of RCB। He was previously a Kapan, but before IPL 2022 he himself announced to leave Captain, now the team is commanded by Fof Duplex। After this, if the fourth highest grosser is to be talked about, then it is Suresh Raina, who is no longer playing IPL। His earnings so far are close to Rs 110 crore। At the same time, Rabindra Jadeja is at number five in this list, whose earnings are more than about 109 crores। In between, he was the captain of CSK,But when the performance of the team was not good, he himself announced to leave the temperature and MS Dhoni became Kaphan। Talking about now, Rabindra Jadeja is giving more money than MS Dhoni in the IPL.

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