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‘Kachha Badam’ singer Bhuban Badyakar became addicted to pie, unable to sing his own song

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Image Source : INSTAGRAM Kacha Badam singer Bhuban Badyakar

Kacha Badam singer Bhuban Badyakar: Peanut seller Bhuban Badyakar used to sing ‘Kacha Badam’ to sell his peanuts in West Bengal and this song made him an internet sensation. A social media user uploaded his video on the internet after which he became a star and the song got millions of views on YouTube as soon as it went viral in Bangladesh and India.

Struggle for livelihood

But Bhuban is now struggling for his livelihood and as per media reports, due to copyright issues, he cannot even sing the same song that made him an internet sensation. He said: “I am living in a rented house in Dubrajpur, spending a lot of money on rent. Besides, there is no source of income and I don’t know how long things will go on like this.”

Who betrayed Bhutan

Bhuban said, “The song ‘Kachha Badam’ made me famous, but now I can’t live in my house because of it.” He alleged that a Birbhum-based company and its owner took the song from him and cheated him on the pretext of Indian Performing Right Society Limited (IPRS).

The one who cheated Bhuban is not being contacted even on the phone. He said, “I am illiterate and I do not even know how to read English. Now, they are telling me that they have bought my song. I cannot even contact them on phone now.” Now he can’t even sing his own song due to copyright issues.

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