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Match Fixing: Was there a fix in the year 2022 so many cricket matches? Big truth of the game world revealed before IPL

Match Fixing: IPL 2023 is scheduled to begin on March 31, before a major truth of the sports world has come out with match fixing and betting। According to this, 13 cricket matches in the year 2022 were also suspected.

Match Fixing: Match fixing and betting are two black truths in the game world that one can never swing। No matter how much it is said that now the game is far from its shadow but say it completely or else it is not possible to get 100 percent tax। There has been a report about this which has once again brought the world of sports to the brunt truth। According to this, a total of 1212 international matches were under suspicion in the year 2022। This number had risen 34 percent over 2021। A total of 8 lakh 50 thousand matches were monitored in 2022, of which more than 1200 were found suspicious.

The 16th edition of IPL is to be held in India from 31 March। BCCI has also been a lot of alerts since the alleged spot fixing in 2013। This report has come to light when there is less than a week left for IPL to begin। This report is published by Sport Radar which states the entire number in detail। According to this, 1212 matches found suspicious in the year 2022 include 12 games and were played in 92 countries and five subcontinent। Under this, all major tournaments are under suspicion। Because in 2022 there was also the FIFA World Cup of Football। The World Cup and Asia Cup of women and men’s cricket teams also took place। According to the report, most matches are under suspicion of football। While many of the cricket encounters are also included in this list.

The most ‘sport’ that happened in the football world?

Actually a detailed report from ‘Sportradar Integrity Services’ has been released under the name Betting, Corruption & Match Fixing। According to its data, in 2022, a total of 775 football matches, 220 basketball matches and 13 cricket matches were under suspicion। According to this, if Area Wise talks, the highest matches were 630 in Europe, 240 in Asia and 225 in South America। If we talk about this figure, apart from these three games, by 2019, 130 suspected cases were reported in 7 other games। But in 2022 the figure reached 437 in 11 games। This report states that the Universal Fraud Detection System ( UFDS) application was used by the company to detect any suspicious action in any match.

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How much corruption happened in the world of cricket?

The report depicts several graphics according to which a total of 13 cricket matches have been found under suspicion in the year 2022। If you remember a recent Vakia related to cricket, a report was published by Jamuna TV, a Bangladesh channel during the Women’s T20 World Cup। It was reported that two Bangladeshi cricketers were caught talking। One of these was not selected in the World Cup squad and was part of a team। Its report was also sent to the ICC। At the moment, the special thing has come that among the cricket matches which were under suspicion, there was no match in India। Sportradar also stated in its report that BCCI’s partnership with the anti-corruption unit in 2020 to detect corruption such as betting and match fixing during IPL matches Also did.

How much betting turnover comes from which league?

Betting is becoming common these days। This match also takes the form of fixing when it reaches the high-level। According to the data shown in this report, betting turnover of around 135 million euros i.e. around 1200 crore rupees comes from IPL। Which is the fourth highest amount of all leagues around the world। At the same time, cricket has the highest betting turnover of 67 million euros at number five according to the overall games.

Top-5 league in betting turnover

  • UEFA Champions League – € 225 million
  • English Premier League – € 202 million
  • National Football League- € 138 million
  • IPL- € 135 million
  • Spanish La Liga- € 95 million

Will the number of corrupt matches increase in the year 2023?

In the conclution of this report, the epilogue states that the number which is 1212 this year in the year 2023 may increase। That is, there may be more corrupt matches this year। According to the report, this number may increase due to economic uncertainty। In this case, Europe can remain on top this year as well। In addition, Asia and South America may finish second। It also states that players who are nearing their retirement may be lured into match fixing। This will prove to be a big challenge for the game world to prevent match fixing and corruption in the game.

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