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Nagaland Election Result: Chubby saffron luck in Nagaland, BJP alliance made the soup of the rest of the parties clean, so many seats ahead

The BJP alliance in Nagaland seems to be crossing a clear majority। The BJP alliance is ahead on 49 of Nagaland’s 60 seats until the news is written। It is believed that the coalition government of NDPP and BJP in Nagaland can come back to power.

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BJP alliance seems to be crossing clear majority

Nagaland Election Result: The BJP alliance has done wonders in the trends coming from Nagaland। The BJP coalition is ahead of 49 out of 60 seats and Congress is holding a lead of only 3 seats। In addition, NPF has an edge over 7 seats and one seat। It is believed that the BJP alliance in Nagaland will form the government with a clear majority। Explain that Nagaland currently has a coalition government of the Nationalist Democratic Progressive Party ( NDPP ) and BJP ( BJP )। It seems from the trends that this government will come to power again.

The BJP took the lead as soon as the counting of votes began in Nagaland। Chief Minister Nephew Rio also had a Khasi edge in the initial trends। Voting took place in Nagaland on 27 February and counting for 59 seats is taking place today। BJP candidate Kazeto Kinimi won unopposed from Akuluto seat in Nagaland so only 59 out of a total of 60 seats were voted on। In such a situation, the fate of 183 candidates for 59 seats of Nagaland Legislative Assembly will be decided today.

No female legislator yet

Since Nagaland got state status, no female MLA has been elected from here till now in the history of 60 years। This is surprising for Nagaland because the number of female voters here is higher than that of male voters। There are 6.55 lakh women voters against 6.52 lakh men.

A total of 183 candidates are trying their luck in the Nagaland assembly election, of which only 4 are women candidates। NDPP’s Hekhni Jakhlu from Dimapur-3rd seat, NDPP’s Salahoutuonu on Western Angami seat, Rosie Thompson of Congress on Tening seat and Kahuli Sema of BJP from Atoiju seat are in the field this time.

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