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What is North Korea’s new plan? Kim Jong’s sister threatened America and South Korea, saying this

Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, has issued a warning against the US and South Korea. He said that he is ready to take drastic measures very soon.

Image Source: TWITTER/@WUNFIF Kim Jong Un with his sister Kim Yo Jong

Seoul: Kim Yo Jong, sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, warned on Tuesday that her country is ready to take tough measures against the US and South Korea very soon. The statement came a day after the US flew a B-52 bomber capable of carrying nuclear weapons over the Korean peninsula as part of joint exercises with South Korean warplanes.

Monday’s exercise with B-52 bombers was the latest in a series of drills between the Allied nations in recent months. The armies of both countries are also preparing to resume their biggest-ever field exercise later this month. Kim Yo Jong did not elaborate on any planned actions in her statement, but North Korea has frequently tested missiles in response to US-South Korean military exercises it sees as an invasion rehearsal.

We are watching the steps of the South Korean army: Kim Yo Jong
According to state media, Kim Yo Jong said in a statement, “Our eyes are constantly on the restless military steps taken by the US forces and the puppet South Korean military, and we will not take any action according to our understanding.” The time is right, we are all set to take swift and very aggressive steps.

“The pretentious military moves and all kinds of rhetoric by the US and South Korea are too blatant to be ignored,” he said. It compels us to do something to deal with them.

After Monday’s training, South Korea’s defence ministry said the B-52 deployment demonstrated the allies’ decisive ability to deter North Korean aggression. The US deployed American B-1B bombers or multiple B-1Bs to the peninsula several times earlier this year.

Last month, the US and South Korea held an exercise in Washington aimed at sharpening their response to nuclear threats from North Korea.


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