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Pakistan: Even in Bengali, political temper-marium made Imran’s insult, saying – ‘Shut up and sit down’

In Pakistan, which is facing an economic plight, politics is not even taking the name of diminishing। The matter was even reached that Maryam Nawaz Sharif told Imran Khan directly – sit quietly.

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Mary Nawaz lashes Imran Khan

Pakistan: In Pakistan, which is facing an economic plight, political stirring is not taking the name of diminishing। The Twitter war has erupted between former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan and senior vice-president of ruling PML-N, Mary Nawaz, over the economic issue। The two leaders a re showing great warmth on each other। Imran Khan has blamed Shahbaz Sharif’s government for Pakistan’s poor economic conditions and has called them criminals.

Twitter war between Mary and Imran

Imran Khan said so, and the leader of PMML-N has responded to him। Mary has rebounded against Imran Khan and told him to shut up and sit down। This war has erupted between the two Pakistani leaders over Pakistan’s economic plight and the International Monetary Fund deal.

Imran Khan tweeted, ‘In 11 months under the leadership of PDM, Pakistani rupees have fallen by 62% against the dollar or more than Rs 110। PDM has given throat of Rs। This has increased the debt to Rs 14.3 lakh crore। Inflation ( 31.5% ) has reached the highest level of 75 years। Former army president has imposed criminals on the country’

Mary said – keep quiet and sit down

Maryam Nawaz has responded to this tweet from Imran Khan and said that Pakistan is facing punishment for the mistakes of Imran Khan today। Maryam also used strong words for Imran Khan and tweeted, ‘Your merciless looting, incompetence, wrong priorities, The Jalim deal with the IMF and its violation has brought this country on the path of economic collapse and look at the courage of such people… Those who are cleaning your spread dirt, you are targeting them। Shut up and sit down!’

Mary Nawaz tweeted another। In this, Maryam Nawaz said that the people of Pakistan will never let it happen again when Imran Khan returns to power.

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