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Pankaj Tripathi | pankaj tripathi movies | Bollywood | Bollywood actor Azamgarh

‘Pankaj Tripathi now gets notice in ‘Azamgarh’ hoarding dispute, threatening call of actor records

Pankaj Tripathi is appearing in the character of ‘Maulvi’ in the poster of Kamlesh’s Mishra film ‘Azamgarh’ based on some real incidents related to terrorism। The film was shot about 10 years ago.

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The controversy that began with filmmaker Kamlesh’s Mishra feature film ‘Azamgarh’ is not taking the name of a thumbs up। Recently actor Pankaj Tripathi objected to showing his face in the trailer and poster of this film and complained to the police against Makers and spoke of legal action Also did। But now the matter has taken a new turn। In fact, the operator of the OTT on which the film was to be streaming has sent notice to Pankaj Tripathi। Creative director Sanjay Bhatt has accused actor Pankaj Tripathi (Pankaj Tripathi) that the actor and his lawyer have threatened him and the owner of the hoarding company.

Not only this, Sanjay Bhatt has also said that he has a recording of the call and he will make it public if needed। Sanjay Bhatt says that Pankaj Tripathi has a 30 to 40 minute role in the 90 minute film and in such a case the actor says that his character is small, It is surprising to hear this। Sanjay Bhatt said that he had no enmity with his Pankaj Tripathi ( Pankaj Tripathi ) if he had objections to anything, he could talk। It is wrong to threaten in this case। Completing his point, Sanjay Bhatt said that the matter should now be allowed to run in a legal manner.

Pankaj Tripathi’s use of fame

Please tell me that Pankaj Tripathi says that ‘Ajamgarh’ is a short film in which he has a small role। But the producers of the film are using photographs, voices etc. because of their current brand value which they do not even have legal rights for। Today, Pankaj Tripathi has worked in many web series and films and is counted among the top actors of Bollywood। Pankaj Tripathi got the identity film ‘Gangs of Wasseypur’ after which he never looked back। Pankaj Tripathi has given several hit films in his career so far.

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