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PM Modi’s scathing attack on the opposition again, said- ‘Congress is busy in digging my grave while I am in improving the lives of the poor

Lok Sabha elections are to be held in 2024. Before that, Prime Minister Narendra Modi wants to create an atmosphere in favour of the Bharatiya Janata Party. During this, he does not want to leave any chance to surround the opposition parties, especially the Congress, so that he can get the advantage of this in the elections.

Image Source: FILE/PTI Prime Minister Narendra Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been a constant attacker on all opposition parties including the Congress for some time now. In this too, he is not missing any opportunity to attack Congress in particular. He is hurling sharp words at the Congress and its leaders in every meeting and rally. Be it the election rallies held in the North East or the occasion of the victory speech given at the BJP headquarters after the victory in the elections. On every occasion, he has launched a fierce attack on Congress.

‘Busy in digging grave for Congress party leader Narendra Modi’

In this sequence, PM Modi fired sharp arrows even today. Today was the occasion to inaugurate the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway. Speaking there he said, “When Congress party leaders are busy digging graves for Narendra Modi, I am busy with the implementation of the Bengaluru-Mysore Expressway project.” He said, Congress leaders are dreaming of my last rites, while I am improving the lives of the poor and dreaming of taking the country forward.

‘Some fanatics talk about digging my grave’

At the same time, after winning in the Northeast, PM Modi’s address was held at the BJP headquarters in Delhi. During that time also he had attacked the opposition parties in the same way. Then he said that some fanatics talk about digging my grave. They are talking about killing me, but today’s election results have proved that Modi’s lotus is blooming all over the country. Indirectly attacking the Aam Aadmi Party, PM Modi said that some people are saying ‘Mar Ja Modi – Mar Ja Modi’, but today the country is saying ‘Don’t go Modi – Don’t go Modi’.




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