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Was Lord Rama and Pandava familyists? Priyanka Gandhi’s attack on PM Modi in Congress’s satyagraha

During the Congress’ resolution Satyagraha, Priyanka Gandhi said that my martyr father is insulted in Parliament। The martyr’s son is insulted by them called Mir Jafar। My mother is insulted.

Congress launched a ODI ‘ Sankalam Satyagraha ’ on Rajghat, Delhi on Sunday in support of Rahul Gandhi being disqualified from membership of Lok Sabha। Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge, Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, senior leader K. C. Venugopal, P. Chidambaram and Salman Khurshid, joined Satyagra on several leaders Rajghat। During this time, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi said that my martyr father is insulted in Parliament। The martyr’s son is insulted by them called Mir Jafar। My mother is insulted। Your minister says who is his father? Your Prime Minister says to the Gandhi family why they do not use the surname Nehru? There is no case on you, your membership is not canceled.

Why is the whole government trying so hard to save a man

Priyanka said that if you say familyist then who was Lord Rama? Was he a familyist? Was Pandav a familyist? And what should we be ashamed that our family members were martyred for this country? Arrogant, dictators try to suppress the public with full power when they cannot answer। Have you ever wondered why this whole government is trying so much to save a man? Is it in this situation that you are giving it all the wealth of the country। Who is this Adani that you get shocked as soon as you hear their name?

My family has irrigated this earth with my blood

Priyanka Gandhi said that anyone who thinks that we will be intimidated, threatened and will do anything against us by raiding agencies and doing anything against us, thinks wrong। My family has irrigated this earth with its blood। We will fight more vigorously and are ready to do anything for democracy। The democracy of this country has been laid by the great men of the Congress Party। Congress fought for the independence of this country and even today it is fighting for the independence of this country.

Don’t you see that your assets are being looted

The Congress Secretary General on Rajghat said, “Don’t you see that your assets are being looted and given to a man। Everything is being given to the numbered industrialists, after all, whose property is this of Rahul Gandhi? You are paying thousand rupees for gas cylinder and all your assets are being handed over to someone else here। These PSUs are designed for you। They are being sold one after the other। This brings your employment। What crime did Rahul Gandhi ask you 2 questions। You could not answer and were nervous.

You call Shaheed’s son a traitor and Mirzafar

Priyanka said, “My martyr father is insulted in a parliament। You call the martyr’s son a traitor and a Mirzafar, insulting his mother। Your ministers insult my mother in a full parliament। A minister of yours says that Rahul Gandhi does not know who his father is। Your Prime Minister says in Parliament why this family does not use Nehru’s name, he insults the whole family, insults the custom of Kashmiri pundits.

You have no trial or any punishment

The Congress Secretary-General said, “A son wears a family turban when the father dies and carries the tradition forward। You insult that belief but you are not prosecuted, you are punished। Nobody gets you out of Parliament। Nobody tells you that you cannot contest for years। You went on insulting our family। My brother in Parliament hugged Modi ji and said that I do not hate you। Our ideology is different but not our hate ideology.

Rajghat not allowed satyagraha, section 144 applicable

Jayaram Ramesh, Mukul Vasnik, Pawan Kumar Bansal, Shaktisingh Gohil, Jyotimani, Pratibha Singh and Manish Chattarath were also present at the dharana site। Police refused to allow Satyagraha on Rajghat। Despite this, many party leaders participated in the demonstration and a large number of party workers gathered outside the campus। Delhi Police said in a letter that the request to be annihilated for law and order and traffic reasons was rejected and the Code of Criminal Procedure ( CRPC ) in Rajghat and around it Prohibition has been imposed under section 144.

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