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So will Rahul Gandhi’s parliament go to membership? Know what options they have from high court senior lawyer?

The court gave Rahul Gandhi’s statement in 2019 ‘Why are the thieves only Modi Surname?’ Has been convicted of criminal defamation। Rahul Gandhi’s parliament membership is under threat of cancellation after a 2-year sentence। According to the rules, an MP can be disqualified if there is a sentence of 2 years or more in a case.

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Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: In Modi Surname defamation case, Surat’s Sessions Court has sentenced Congress leader Rahul Gandhi to 2 years। The court has given Rahul 30 days relief with sentencing so that he has got 30 days for appeal। Rahul’s membership may also be threatened due to a 2-year sentence but the membership will remain due to suspension for 30 days। The court gave Rahul Gandhi’s statement in 2019 ‘Why are the thieves only Modi Surname?’ Has been convicted of criminal defamation.

What is the rule of punishment for more than 2 years?

After 2 years sentence Rahul Gandhi Parliament is in danger of cancellation of membership। According to the rules, an MP / legislature can be disqualified if a case is sentenced to 2 years or more। According to the rules, he cannot contest for the next 6 years after completing the sentence period। This punishment is pronounced under Section 8 of the Representation of the People Act 1951 and is considered applicable from the day the court decides but Rahul’s decision to disqualify Depending on what the court above gives the verdict on their appeal। Today Rahul is sentenced to 2 years under sections 499 and 500 of the IPC.

What options does Rahul have?

  • Advocate Tejveer Singh Bhatia of Delhi High Court said, Two things were clear that first they are assuming that they have made that statement and second they have come to court today and said that they do not want mercy.
  • Rahul Gandhi will have to take a Judgment from the upper court within 30 days or to contest the next election, writing whether the Judgment of the Lower Court is rejected or Be finished.
  • All avenues have not been closed to Rahul Gandhi to preserve his membership। He can challenge in the High Court for his relief.
  • Membership can be saved if Surat session court ruling takes a stay.
  • If the High Court does not give a stay, then the Supreme Court will have to knock। In such a situation, even if the stay is received from the Supreme Court, their membership can be saved.

Arrogant sharp on Rahul Gandhi’s sentence

At the same time, political arrogance has also intensified on this matter। Priyanka Gandhi Has tweeted that the entire machinery of scared power is trying to suppress Rahul Gandhi’s voice through Sam-Dam-Penalism। My brothers are never afraid, nor will they ever be afraid। Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has also openly come in support of Rahul Gandhi। Kejriwal said that it is not right to trap Rahul in this way, he disagrees with this decision of the court.

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