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Super hit on YouTube but flop in the shark tank asked for 1 rupee shogun in funding, irritated sharks and did not give

Shark Tank India 2: Arvind Arora is a successful YouTuber. He has now made a learning app and it has got 9 lakh downloads. Sharks liked Arora’s app, but the way he sought funding raised eyebrows.

Arvind is a famous YouTuber.

1. Arvind runs the A2 Motivation channel, which has around 1.5 crore users.
2. Now he has also launched an educational app of his own.
3. He asked for only one rupee from the sharks in the name of funding.

New Delhi. Arvind Arora of Bengaluru, who is earning big money with the help of about 15 million subscribers on YouTube, could not get even a single rupee of funding in Shark Tank India. It is not that their business model was not liked by the sharks. The business went to the sharks, but Arora’s over-smartness ruined them and Arora had to leave empty-handed. At first, Arora asked for just Re 1 as Shagun in funding for his app. After instructing the sharks not to joke, he sought funding twice the value of his venture. What was it then, the sharks showed them the way out.

Arvind runs a YouTube channel by the name of A2 Motivation, which has around 15 million users. He claims that he earns 12-15 lakh rupees a month from this channel. He has now created an app called Conker. The app has more than 9 lakh downloads so far. This app provides skill-based courses. Along with this, it also offers many other courses. These also include courses that teach making reels or making Dhansu videos on YouTube. All these services are not available to free of cost. Its money is taken.

Liked the idea
The Sharks Tank judges really liked Arvind’s app idea and the reason behind making it. When the judges asked them to tell about the app, they started spinning things. Talking about a similar app, Arvind did not know anything about that app. Sharks asked Arvind about his funding demand. All the sharks were surprised to hear his answer. Arvind said that he does not want anything from him except one rupee in Shagun.

Received only good wishes
this irritated Anupam Mittal, Vinita Singh, Piyush Bansal, Namita Thapar and Aman Gupta. Arvind’s bet backfired. Before his talk ended, Piyush clearly said that he is out because you are twisting the matter. When the shark asked once again, Arvind offered double the share of his company’s original value in exchange for the investment. The judges were not impressed with Arvind’s pitch and could only get best wishes from Shark Tank.


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