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6 years ago, the boss of the company turned out to be the boss of the company, the girl said – she was serious but I was just doing timepass

A girl shared the video on Ticketock and told that the boy she had cheated and left 6 years ago। Today the girl came out as the boss of the company where she went to interview.

It is said that the fruit of good deeds is always good। This applies to everything in the world। Whether it is professional life or your love life। It is very easy to fall in love but it is very difficult to find love। It is not just about everyone staying through one। Many people cheat in love। Suddenly they disappear without telling the front। The next person remains only in Kashmash that there will be a lot of love in him, so he leaves his love and goes away but says neither does the result of deeds, which is like He gets what he does। One such girl’s story on social media is going viral। The girl has shared her story on Ticketock.

Leaving the boy 6 years ago

Ryli Joet, who lives in Texas, USA, shared the video stating that 6 years ago she suddenly blocked a boy and disappeared from his life was। She went ahead by breaking all the love promises she had made to the boy। Today, after 6 years, the boy met as the boss of the company where Joet went for his job interview। Joet’s senses flew away after seeing the boy। She immediately recognized the boy। Joet said that she felt very bad but was in dire need of a job so she went to interview the boy.

Lover turned out to be the boss of the company

Joet further revealed that she met the boy when she was 19 years old। 6 years ago both were in relation and the boy was very serious about the relationship but Joet just wanted to timepass। One day suddenly he broke all contacts with the boy and blocked him from everywhere। She then moved on to her life। Now 6 years later, Joet turns 25 and tells the New York Post that the sins she has committed by messing with the boy, it is probably her The fruit is that he had to go to the boy for a job interview। The boy also recognized him and did not take revenge on the girl, but he kept the girl on the job। But Joet turned down his offer because he had got a job at a good salary elsewhere। The girl got millions of views as soon as she shared this story on Ticketock। This girl’s story is going viral.

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