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Father-in-law used to keep a dirty eye on daughter-in-law, the wife complained to her husband and gave triple talaq

Triple Talaq News: A case of triple talaq has come to the fore in Aligarh, UP. After the matter came to light, a case has been registered against the mother-in-law and husband on the complaint of the victim. The police are currently engaged in the investigation of the case.

A case of triple talaq has come to light from Aligarh in UP.

1. The victim of triple talaq is a resident of Agra
2. He has appealed to many places the demanding justice
3. The victim has made serious allegations against her in-laws

Aligarh. A case of triple talaq has come to light in Aligarh, UP. A girl from Agra was married in the Jamalpur area of ​​Aligarh. A few days after the marriage, the people on the in-law’s side started harassing her and the father-in-law’s eyes were also wrong towards the woman, when the woman protested, her husband threw her out of the house by giving triple talaq. The woman has filed a case against her husband, mother-in-law and father-in-law and others at the Civil Line police station.

Aashma woman, a resident of Aligarh’s Thana Civil Line area, has accused her husband of giving triple talaq. The woman alleges that after two-three days of marriage, the people of her in-laws started troubling her about one thing or the other. Not only this, the woman alleges that her father-in-law also used to have the wrong eyes towards her. When the woman used to oppose him, her husband used to support his father and used to say that you have to do what the father says. When the woman opposed this, the husband threw her out of the house giving triple talaq.

The woman alleges that the husband used to pressurize her to stay with her father. The woman used to oppose it again and again but the husband did not agree. The woman alleges that she wanted to live with her husband, but her father-in-law and her father-in-law used to create a rift between the two by repeatedly coming in between. The woman alleges that when she started talking about living with her husband, the husband said I will keep you only when my father says, after that, the woman complained to the police, and the police also did not help, but after that, the husband Gave him triple talaq and threw him out of the house.

The woman has given a complaint of harassment against her husband, father-in-law, mother-in-law and other people, on which the police have registered a case and started legal action. The woman alleges that despite the case being registered, the police are not arresting the accused and for this demand, the victim woman is circling from the District Magistrate’s office to the SSP’s office. The victim is a resident of Agra and comes repeatedly from Agra to Aligarh to arrest her husband and father-in-law, but the police are not helping her.

Giving information on this matter, CO Civil Line Shiv Pratap Singh said that a woman resident of the Police Station Civil Line area had given Tahrir accusing her husband of giving triple talaq, which was investigated. After investigation, a case has been registered based on the victim’s Tahrir, along with advanced legal action is being taken.


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