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Then change the color of Maharashtra? Udta’s big statement on the picture with Fadnavis

Eknath Shinde, the leader of the Baghi faction, was made the Chief Minister by the BJP after two tearing down of Vukhav Thakare’s Shiv Sena, while Devendra Fadnavis was asked to hold the post of Deputy Chief Minister

Devendra Fadnavis and Uddhav Thackeray along with other leaders outside Maharashtra Vidhan Bhavan

Mumbai: Maharashtra’s politics has seen such colors in the last few months which were difficult to imagine even earlier। Devendra Fadanavis and Ajit Pawar were seen swearing together, Shiv Sena and Congress, once a staunch opponent, formed the government together, And Shiv Sena, once considered impenetrable to Balasaheb, had 2 pieces। Now a picture has come out of which the whisper has started in the political corridors of the province। Maharashtra Deputy Chief Minister Devendra Fadanavis and former Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray are seen smiling together in a picture.

Udhav’s big statement on meeting Fadnavis

After meeting Devendra Fadnavis Quiet Made a big statement, ‘ was previously an openness। Today it says that the discussion that takes place within closed doors is profitable, so we will talk again when we are discussed within closed doors. ’ Asked if this was any indication, Uddhav said, ‘ nothing like this। Me and he were coming to the gate of the Legislature and what Ram-Ram or Halo called at that time happened.

Has it been a sin to call someone hi-hello?

When Uthav Thackeray was asked if your Modi protest would subside after today’s Hi-Hello, Uthava said, ‘ No, don’t make such a big deal in a hurry। Has it been a sin to say hi-hello to someone today? Should it be done with any purpose? ’ After two tearing down of Ukhav Thakare’s Shiv Sena, the leader of the rebel group Eknath Shinde was made the Chief Minister by the BJP, While Devendra Fadanavis was asked to hold the post of Deputy Chief Minister। The Uddhav had to step down from the post of Chief Minister after Shinde’s rebellion.

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