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US MP told India powerful country, but gave such advice on Russia-Ukraine war

The US MP said, “ stands a clear moral challenge in the context of Russian aggression and India prides itself on as a country based on clear moral values। I think ( India ) cannot ignore the fact that sometimes it has to choose a side. ”

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US MP Mark Warner

US influential MP Mark Warner on Thursday called India a powerful country proud of its moral values, saying that it would never have one side in the Ukraine war Have to choose। Warner has long been advocating strong ties between the US and India। During an interview by Warner, chairman of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Affairs, praised India for standing firm in the face of Chinese aggression and the challenges it faces। During this time he said that the steps India has taken so far about the Ukraine conflict are not enough and he can do more than this.

“More than giving a statement, a lot can be done”

Referring to Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s statement that this is not a “ war ”, Warner said, “ I commend Prime Minister Modi for making this comment in front of Putin in Uzbekistan। But I think a lot more can be done than making a statement about the war that has been going on for a year. ” India has been saying that it stands in favour of peace in Ukraine। At the same time it has expressed a desire to contribute to any peace initiative between Ukraine and Russia.

“India is looking for such allies who…”

US MP Warner was involved in a delegation of parliament that recently returned from a visit to India। During the visit to India, the delegation called Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Foreign Minister S. Had met Jaishankar। Warner said in response to a question that years ago India was reluctant to choose “ any side over China। He said, “ India chose a side because of its interest and Chinese aggression and acknowledged that no one wants conflict। India is looking for allies who stand against Chinese aggression, whether it is economic aggression, Whether it is military aggression or dealing with China’s aggression in the Indian Ocean. ”

“India will have to choose a side at some time”

MP Mark Warner said that India has historical ties with Russia। The US MP said, “ I understand that if India reduces its dependence on Russia on weapons, it will need a reliable partner। Whether it is partner America or someone else। India feels that if there is any conflict, then in those circumstances, India’s military forces can get supplies. ” Warner said ‘ ‘ I understand that India is a very powerful and optimistic country। ’ ’ He said, “ In the context of Russian aggression, a clear moral challenge stands and India prides itself on as a country based on clear moral values। I think ( India ) cannot ignore the fact that sometimes it has to choose a side. ”

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