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‘Russia and Ukraine war will end, Australia’s Defense Force Chief has made this prediction

Australia’s Defense Force Chief has said a big deal। He said that ‘when the Russia and Ukraine war will end, he predicted this

Image Source: ANI
When will the Russia-Ukraine war end

Russia-Ukraine War: General Angus Campbell, head of the Australian Defense Forces, has predicted and told when the Russia and Ukraine war will end। On Friday, Angus Campbell said that according to his assessment, the Russia-Ukraine war would continue until President Vladimir Putin’s will was over। Speaking in the panel discussion, “The Old, the New and the Unconventional: Assessing Contemporary Conflicts,” General Campbell called Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “illegal, unjust and degrading” Told

Ukraine’s people have to be dared

He said, “The way the Ukrainian armed forces and Ukrainian people have shown their strong courage in this war should be praised। All this is extraordinary and focuses on how the people of Ukraine are determined to free their country from Russia’s domination।” But this war will continue unfortunately and from my point of view until Putin’s will is reduced। This is my assessment। He also said that this conflict is a disaster for the people of Ukraine”

Australian defence chiefs were influenced by a coalition of countries that have come to support Ukraine, whether diplomatically or materially, with humanitarian or lethal weapons। “But until the change happens, I think this war will continue”

Putin is not considering ending the war yet

Recalling the statement of Danish Foreign Minister Lars Locke Rasmussen, the Australian chief said that “if Russia stops fighting, the war ends। If Ukraine stops fighting, Ukraine ends, “General Campbell said, integrating the Ukrainian nation, Under extraordinary leadership and with determination to resist is fighting the war। He further said that no change is yet to be seen in the Russian army’s intention to end the war against the people of Ukraine at any cost, President Vladimir Putin also does not want to end this war.

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