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We should also learn this lesson from the war of Russia and Ukraine that…Learn why CDS Anil Chauhan said

Regarding the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine, Chief Defense Chairman Anil Chauhan has said that we should learn this lesson from this war that we should have arms over other countries and Should not depend.

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CDS Anil Chauhan

New Delhi: QChief Defense Chairman (CDS ) General Anil Chauhan ( Anil Chauhan ) said on Friday that the Indian Armed Forces should also learn a lesson from the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia that They should not depend on other countries to supply weapons and military equipment। In a liquidating session in the ‘ Raisina Dialogue ’, General Chauhan said that the government had the option of producing a large number of major equipment and weapon systems to ensure self-sufficiency in the defence sector Is giving.

We should be ready for the long battle

He also said that the Ukraine war also raised the question of whether countries should develop the capability of small war or they should also be ready for long fighting। CDS Chauhan said, “ In the case of India, we have to see what kind of challenge we may face in the future। But we do not think that any major war like what is happening in Europe is going to happen here too. ”

Need to be self-sufficient about weapons

Chauhan said that “ we need to be self-sufficient – this is the biggest lesson for us ( Ukraine war )। We cannot depend on supplies coming out of our arms ( to other countries )। This is the big lesson we learn from conflict।”

He also said that there was such an idea that in modern times wars ‘ would be smaller and faster ’ but “ what we are seeing in Ukraine is a long war. ”

In his remarks at the session, Australia’s Defense Force chief General Angus J. Campbell criticized Russia for the Ukraine war। He said, “ This is an illegal, unjust and merciless attack and violates the integrity of a sovereign nation. ”

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