Thursday, March 23, 2023
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UP: In Muzaffarnagar, the relatives of the bride took the wedding procession hostage, they were angry because of this.

In UP’s Muzaffarnagar, people from the girl’s side took the wedding procession hostage. The hostages include the groom and his family members. Actually, the people on the girl’s side were angry that a tractor was demanded as a dowry.

Image Source: REPRESENTATIONAL IMAGE Wedding procession has been taken hostage in Muzaffarnagar

Lucknow: A shocking case has come to light in Muzaffarnagar, UP. Here the people on the girl’s side took a wedding procession hostage. Actually, a marriage procession had come here from the Bhaisani village of Shamli, in which the boy’s side demanded a tractor as dowry. After this, the angry people on the girl’s side bound the groom and his family members. As soon as the police came to know about this, they reached there. This case pertains to Kulhedi village under Charthawal police station.

In Rajasthan too, a unique case related to the groom came to the fore.
Earlier, a strange decision was taken by a local committee that organizes mass marriage ceremonies in Rajasthan. As per the verdict, only clean-shaven grooms can participate in such events, those with long beards will be turned back. The decision was taken unanimously in a meeting called by the Shree Kshatriya Kumawat Mass Marriage Committee, which will organize the mass marriage ceremony on March 30.

The committee officials had directed that only clean-shaven grooms would be allowed to attend the wedding and those with beards would be sent back. A meeting was held in Govindgarh, in which committee chairman Satyanarayan Mawar and secretary Chhoturam Maval said that for the promotion of Indian culture, grooms are instructed to come after getting shaved. Under the western influence, many grooms come to their wedding with long beards, which look indecent. Sometimes his identity remains hidden.




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