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‘World Book Fair’ boom outside the World Book Fair, bestseller sold for Rs 100

The fair of English books held outside Gate No. 10 of Pragati Maidan has become a centre of attraction for the youth. Here you can buy books of your choice in the name of any book for Rs.100. If you want more books then the price can be reduced further by bargaining.

Decorated bookstore on the road outside gate number 10 of Pragati Maidan.

World Book Fair 2023 News: The nine-day World Book Fair at Pragati Maidan in New Delhi proved to be a literary Kumbh for book lovers, writers and publishers. There was a huge crowd at the book fair and people made huge purchases. The book fair was organized inside the Pragati Maidan, but a separate World Book Fair was organized outside.

World Book Fair outside Gate No. 10 of Pragati Maidan? Yes, World Book Fair. Because only English books are being sold here. The speciality of this book fair is that there are no luxurious stalls for books, but more than one legendary bestseller is lying on the ground and the voice is heard – “Take the book in the sale. Take any book for a hundred rupees.

Book lovers coming out from Pragati Maidan to the World Book Fair do stop at the World Book Fair on the road and go through the books. Here you will find books from India’s most popular writers Amish Tripathi, Arvind Adig to JK Rowling, Stephanie Meyer, Dan Brown, Agatha Christie, and Paulo Coelho, which you might find online too.

Vedant Sharma, who came from Krishna Nagar to see the book fair, told that the book which was available inside Pragati Maidan for Rs.300, the same book was found here for just Rs.100. On the question of pirated copy, Vedant told that he does not know what is pirated and original. He is only concerned with the book of his choice. The matter in the original book is all in this pirated book.

Here 12-14 years old Deepu, who is selling books by shouting, has the names of huge books in English written on his tongue. Deepu told that he brings the book according to the weight.

Books are imported from abroad on a kilo basis
A businessman of English bestseller books said that the English books sold at the major intersections and streets of Delhi are second-hand. These books are imported from Britain or other countries. Books come from abroad according to their weight. Books are ordered in containers and 40-50 tonnes of books come in a container. These books are sorted according to their popularity. Then these books are launched in the market after fixing the rate according to the price printed on them.


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