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By the year 2035, half of the population will be affected by this major disease, a frightening report has come out

World obesity day 2023: A report by the World Obesity Federation has come on World Obesity Day, according to which obesity can make many people its victims by 2035.

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World obesity day 2023: Every year on March 4, Obesity Day is celebrated. It is an international initiative to spread awareness about the growing obesity disease among people. In such a situation, a new report of the World Obesity Federation, published on World Obesity Day, has come out, according to which half of the world’s population may be obese by the year 2035. Not only this, a lot has been told in this report, so let’s understand in detail everything about Obesity Atlas Report.

Half of the population will be obese by the year 2035
It has been told in the World Obesity Atlas report that by the year 2025, a large population of the world will become obese. About 51% per cent of the people may be overweight compared to their age. Also, this report expresses concern about the growing obesity, especially in children and adolescents, that such people may become victims of diabetes and heart diseases in the future.

The young generation will get sick
It has also been told in this report that by 2025, a big impact can be seen on the young generation, which can be frightening by the year 2035. In such a situation, the report says that governments and policymakers around the world need to pay special attention to the health of the younger generation. One should try to make major changes by assessing the system and root factors.

Obesity is a medical term used to describe a person with an excess of body fat. It is assessed with the help of body mass index. So, keep checking your BMI index, and avoid obesity with the help of exercise and diet.


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