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Gurugram: Famous YouTuber Zorawar Singh Kalsi fell into the trap of making a reel! Arrested, know the whole matter

A YouTuber named Zorawar Singh Kalsi posted a video on social media, in which he is seen recreating a scene from Shahid Kapoor’s fake movie. The matter has been taken up by the DLF Gurugram police.

Image Source: INSTAGRAM/JORAVAR_SINGH1/ Zorawar Singh Kalsi

Gurugram: Famous YouTuber Zorawar Singh Kalsi has been arrested by Gurugram police. One of his videos went viral on the social media platform Instagram, which was seen by millions of people till now. Zorawar Singh Kalsi often creates reels and his reels get a lot of views. The YouTuber posted a reel on his Instagram account on March 2, in which he and a colleague are recreating a scene from a recent fake Shahid Kapoor movie in the underpass of the Gurugram DLF Golf course. Zoravar tells his partner Lucky to start blowing the notes. After this, like in the scene in the series, Lucky opens the trunk of the car and starts blowing the notes. These notes look fake.

Dangerous driving was seen in the reel, and Gurugram police alerted
Lakhs of people watched this video and raised the question that why this reel was shot in such a high-profile area without permission, risking the lives of other people. In this reel, the car was driven in a dangerous way, in which everyone’s life could be in danger.

Today after the video went viral on social media, DLF Gurugram police took cognizance of it and registered a case under Motor Vehicle Act for dangerous driving, endangering the life of others. It has been identified from the vehicle that the vehicle is in the name of Zorawar Singh Kalsi, a resident of Tilak Nagar, Delhi.

Zorawar was arrested
Police have arrested Zorawar and he will now be questioned as to why he got this video shot by putting people’s lives in danger. The police will also investigate this angle that whether the notes that were blown up are really fake and if they are fake, then what kind of fake notes are they. Where were they taken after taking samples of these notes from these people, they will also be examined.

Gurugram police appealed
Gurugram Police also appeals to people through India TV not to shoot without permission to make reels on social media, sometimes it can put everyone’s life at risk.

Shakti knowledge had contacted Zorawar Singh Kalsi, who posted the reel. We had told Zorawar that it was just an act, there were fake notes which were blown up and now he has deleted the video. Although he said that he will put his side through video.

Although the sections in the FIR against Zorawar are bailable, the police say that it is necessary to teach a lesson to such people, who do not care about the lives of others because of making their reels viral.




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