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Zwigato Movie Review: Heart-wrenching story brought by Nandita Das and Kapil Sharma, know how this film is

Zwigato Movie Review: Written by Nandita Das and Sameer Patil, Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami Starr film ‘Jwigato’ is a deeply connected part of our lives। The film has been released in theaters today

Zwigato Movie Review: Heart-wrenching story brought by Nandita Das and Kapil Sharma, know how this film is

  • Film Review: Zwigato
  • Star Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4/5
  • On screen: March 15, 2023
  • Director: Nandita Das
  • Style: Drama

Zwigato Movie Review: Today, all of us are periodically transported to our doors। Sometimes we interact with delivery boys, and many times we ignore them। We hardly accept how long and how much they work to get a small incentive। Which largely depends on the rating given to us for them। Nandita Das’s Bollywood film ‘Jwigato’ is drawing people’s attention to the same world। Where a person’s existence, his character depends not on his hard work but on the will of the customers। The story set in Bhubaneswar revolves around Manas and his wife Pratima ( Shahana Goswami ) played by Kapil Sharma and how they deal with the bitterness of money in their bodies and Mortgages like the soul। After Kovid showing the plight of the couple settled in the unknown city,This film by Nandita Das questions the gig economy.

Sarcasm at big companies

The title of the film ‘Jwigato’ appears to be sarcasm at large companies offering food and grocery – such as Zomato and Swiggy। But let us know that this film boasts more than this। Written by Nandita and Sameer Patil, the film focuses on a character who is an insider of our lives but is never taken care of। Since the film is set in the capital of Odisha, Nandita Das has taken great care to show ease and reality in the setting, as well as in the language.

Acting Kapil and Shahana is strong

Kapil and Shahana are told of Jharkhand and they hold their language completely। Kapil instinctively changes his character of Manas, who is a victim of the system। At the same time, he seems to be in awe of his comedian image। On the other hand, Shahana beautifully sees her hero as Manas। Where on the one hand Manas is desperate to be forced to return to the cage of unemployment and poverty, The statue is a woman with an enthusiasm to work and support her family financially, who always talks with logic। She is patient and dedicated and can also go against her husband to meet the economic needs of her family। Both Kapil and Shahana justify their role on the big screen.

Nandita showed, the chains of slavery still present today

Nandita Das does not accuse society of being rude to these characters anywhere in the entire film, but she follows a sympathetic path to show this। She takes her time to closely highlight the fine streak between rich and poor। In those moments, she emphasizes how exploitation works in the economic system। On a pint, Manas also stated that “slavery is complete if the owner does not appear.

Will make the film think

The film is seen stretching too many times to set the characters in the minds of the audience। The first half is slow and makes us think about the moment when things will be better for the psyche and the statue। Will he leave his job and find something else? Will the statue go against her husband’s will and do the job? Will there be scatter in the family due to difficulties? As soon as we discover all these answers and expect a happy ending, Nandita Das reminds us that she had never made such a promise.

Climax is strong

The most beautiful part of Nandita Das’s story is Climax। Without getting away from the characters’ difficulties and struggles, Nandita tries to finish the film on a happy note। ‘Jwigato’ has no Drematic Twist, but it ends the story on a beautiful twist without a happy ending। This exemplifies that sadness is not eternal। You can experience laughter and happiness even when in pain। While the story of Manas and Pratima will remain with you for a long time after the film is over, you will leave the cinema hall with a small smile.

The film ‘Life keeps going…’ Finishes on the note of.

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