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Tension after Atik-Ashraf’s murder, CM Yogi has given high level meetings, these strict instructions

Tensions prevail after the death of Mafia Atik Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed in Prayagaraja, UP। CM Yogi held high level meetings late at night and issued strict instructions। Know moment updates.

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Tension after Atik-Ashraf’s death

Uttar Pradesh: Atik Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed, who became leaders of the gangster, were shot and killed while being taken for investigation at a medical college in Prayagraj on Saturday night। Both were murdered while they were talking to journalists। Three people posing as journalists shot both in front of policemen। Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf were handcuffed at the time of the murder। The two were coined together as soon as they were shot.

After this incident many videos are being widely shared on social media and television networks and people are giving their comments in various ways। UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath held a high level meeting late at night after the incident and the state police officers were on high alert and became leaders from the mafia, Atiq Ahmed and brother Ashraf Has directed to ensure law and order across the state after being shot and killed in Prayagraj.

According to the statement of the Chief Minister’s Office

“UP’s CM Yogi Adityanath has instructed police officers to be vigilant, maintain peace in the state, law and order and not let the public face any trouble”

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has also appealed to the public not to pay attention to rumors about the incident.

The official statement said, “CM has also appealed to people not to heed the rumors। Strict action will be taken against the spreaders of the rumor”

Officials said that after the incident, the Government of Uttar Pradesh has implemented Section 144 of CRPC in all districts on Sunday.

Atik Ahmed and Ashraf Ahmed were shot and killed.

After this, a total of three people have been arrested by the police.

Atik Ahmed was also accused in the 2005 Baspa MLA Raju Pal massacre and the Umesh Pal massacre in February this year.

Atik-Ashraf died in just 18 seconds

Atik Ahmed and his brother Ashraf were put to death within just 18 seconds। The shooters fired the first shot in the 32nd second of both police jeeps। After this, a total of 20 consecutive bullets were fired and by the 50th second the work of the mafia brothers had been done। Police arrived at the gate of Colvin Hospital with Atik and Ashraf at 10.36 minutes। At 10.37 minutes and 12 seconds both police had come down from the jeep। After this, the police started taking them inside the hospital

Abatek 6 accused killed in Umesh Pal massacre

A total of six accused have been killed since the murder of lawyer Umesh Pal and two policemen in Uttar Pradesh on 24 February, Atik Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed, who became gangsters politicians, were shot in Prayagaraj on Saturday night

The entire incident of murder was captured in camera

Police were taking both Atik and Ashraf to the hospital for medical check-up around 10 pm on Saturday night। Then three people who became media personnel shot both। The entire incident was recorded in camera। In photographs and videos, both handcuffed brothers are seen lying on the ground and blood has accumulated around them। At least two guns have been found at the scene, which were dropped by the attackers।

Police said in a press note that three accused identified as Arun Maurya, Lovelesh Tiwari and Sunny have been detained and questioned

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