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Assad’s mobile will open Mafia deep secret of Atiq’s murder, 200 members of Shere Atik on SIT’s radar

Raj associated with the murder of Mafia Atik Ahmed may open soon। Many secrets will open from Atik’s son Assad Ahmed’s mobile। Shere Atik has 200 members on SIT’s radar

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Assad Ahmed’s mobile will open deep Raj

Prayagraj: Deep secrets associated with the assassination of Mafia Atik Ahmed may soon open। Atik Ahmed’s son Assad’s mobile is in the hands of SIT which is opening many big secrets। Mobile has revealed that Atik’s son Assad created a WhatsApp group called “Shere Atik। The group had about 200 young members from Prayagraj, Kaushanbi and Fatehpur। Now 200 members of Shere Atik are on the radar of SIT and police are looking for their address.

Group deleted before Umesh Pal’s murder

Atiq’s son-created WhatsApp group was active until Umesh Pal was killed। This WhatsApp group was deleted just days before the Umesh Pal massacre। The WhatsApp group consisted of a total of 200 members.

Now SIT is trying to gather information as to why the Shere Atik Group closed just before the Umesh Pal massacre? SIT is investigating every aspect of this mobile number one। There may be a big reveal about this soon.

Killer Arun was also associated with Shere Atik Group

Arun Maurya, who was involved in the slayer that killed Mafia Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf, was also associated with Assad’s WhatsApp group Sher A Atik and later split from the group Was। It is learned that apart from Prayagraj in this WhatsApp group, all the people of more than 20 districts of UP including Kaushanbi, Pratapgarh, Fatehpur, Sultanpur, Kanpur were connected.

Arun Maurya’s joining with this group means that Arun and Assad already had their identity। Arun was associated with Assad’s group for a long time and was active। Why he left the group is being questioned by him.

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