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UP’s Mafia Don Atik Ahmed, the entire 101 cases, killed in Saream, Learn how the gangster was made MP

Atik Ahmed, called UP’s Mafia Dawn, was shot and killed in a hurry। The story of Atik Ahmed’s life is no less interesting। Atik, how the gangster was made an MP, know his whole story.

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How Atik Ahmed was made MP from gangster

Prayagraj: Atik Ahmed, a politician from the gangster, once spoke his Tuti in UP। He also used to take court sentences in jail and put the people to death in the public। There were 101 criminal prosecutions filed on him। Atik Ahmed along with his brother Ashraf were shot and killed in Prayagaraja, UP in the presence of the Saaream Police on Saturday when he was given medical examination Was being taken away। Please tell that Atik Ahmed and Ashraf were allowed police remand by the court for five days after which both were being taken for medical examination and both Was shot। Atik, who was synonymous with awe in UP, was put to death by three people in 18 seconds। The police have arrested all three attackers and are being questioned.

Know the story of Atik’s rise to death from Mafia Don to MP

How Mafia Atik became the notorious criminal of UP, how much was the effect of his political clout, how he reached the high dagger of politics as a Member of Parliament। Today you know everything related to it…Atik Ahmed who was born on 10 August 1962 in Shravasti, UP। He was not more than educated। Father used to run Tanga and the family lived in some way with the same income। She quit studies after failing high school and at the age of 17, after committing the first murder, she had ventured into the world of crime.

Atik Ahmed was fed the world of crime and at the age of 21 he had become the famous punk of Chakia in Allahabad and his recovery business was on। In Purvanchal and Allahabad, the links of his crime grew and he became influential.

Talking about Atik’s personal life, he was married to Shaista Parveen, who deserves equal in his crime। She is currently absconding and the police have placed a reward of 50000 on her। Atik and Shaista had five sons – Ali, Omar, Ahmed, Assad, Ahzan and Aban। Atiq and Shaista’s younger son Assad was killed in an alleged encounter with UP police in Jhansi on Friday, who was a partner in the father’s crime.

Talking about the political life of Atik Ahmed, he had been a member of the Legislative Assembly of UP five times and was a former Member of Parliament। Atik’s brother Khalid Azim aka Ashraf was also a former MLA। Atiq’s political life began in 1989 when he was elected as an independent candidate for the Allahabad, now Prayagraj, ( West ) MLA seat। He retained his seat in the next two Legislative Assembly elections and in 1996, the mafia-politician won his fourth consecutive term on the Samajwadi Party ticket.

Three years later, he left SP to become president of his team ( Cameravari )। He won the 2002 assembly election। But the following year he returned to SP। He was elected to the 14th Lok Sabha from Phulpur, UP from 2004 to 2009। Please tell that the Phulpur seat was once occupied by Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India.

Atik’s criminal record

In the last four decades, 101 criminal cases involving Atik have been reported in the state। According to police records, the first murder case against him was filed in 1979। He was involved in a number of serious crimes including murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, fraud, intimidation and land capture.

Atiq was also accused in the 2005 murder of Baspa MLA Raju Pal। The incident occurred when the Baspa MLA challenged Atik’s influence and won the election against his brother Khalid Azim। Allahabad ( West ) He was shot just three months after defeating Atik’s younger brother from the assembly seat.

Atiq was also accused of kidnapping Umesh Pal, the main witness in the murder of Raju Pal, a politician from the gangster, and for writing a statement claiming it Raju Pal was forced not to be there when he was killed and did not want to testify। He was sentenced to life imprisonment in the 2006 kidnapping case.

Early signs of his downfall were found in 2016 when his colleagues were accused of attacking college employees in Prayagraj, Who took action against the students who copied an exam। The following year, Atik was detained and taken out of the state in 2018 and kept in the Sabarmati prison in Gujarat.

After Sabarmati jail, he was brought to Prayagraj for questioning in the Umesh Pal massacre। He feared his murder and was killed on Saturday। This is how the painful end of this mafia happened.

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